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When it comes to marketing, a lot of businesses hence choose various approaches for lead generation, organizing campaigns, creating brand awareness and sales process. The most important thing to know while doing business is to know what actually your goals are, what are you trying to achieve through...

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Investors these days have indicated growth as the prime objective of their business priority. A lot of things are being focused upon like implementing a new way to attract customers organically. Organic means to bring in the user without paid promotions and advertising and it is more obvious that th...

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Lead Management is a process in which we acquire new clients for a business. It includes a collection of methods, practices and processes to acquire new clients from the business point of view. However there is a difference between small and big businesses and obviously the software which are used b...

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The best way to generate more sales is through lead generation and therefore it is necessary for one to create sales strategies around your industry, business , product and buyer. In order to achieve this purpose our team at the sales CRM  and marketing department should be full of innovative i...

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We are definitely in the most competitive age of industrialization and digitization. Every business and industry is trying to create a landmark so that they can remain in the competition as well as improvise their growth and productivity with positive aspects. For an organization to be successful th...

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LinkedIn is one of the widely acceptable platforms for business vendors. It helps to target the prospective clients by customizing your search like company size, industry, experience, location and job title, etc. 

Once you customize the list and find the relevant business clients, then start pre...

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With the ever changing trends in the business marketing strategies, you need to plan yours effectively to stay ahead of your competitors and keep your business moving with constant growth. In order to improve your marketing, you need to procure or create a highly efficient and result oriented...

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There are quite a many email database service providers on the internet but to pick the most convenient out of them is an uphill task and I can detail my experience which will help you learn about them and decide for yourself: is a really good SMTP relay service providers than can be h...

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There are many email database service providers who are well-known for providing high quality email services and as a professional marketer with 15 years of experience, I can list down the top ones for you, which have helped me save my bacon for almost my entire marketing career.

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I have around a million email addresses which I want to use for my startup. How should I proceed?

If you a have valid email opt in list then you can use easy sendy pro or binaryclues Indian bulk emailing database software which helps you send min. 100k emails a day.

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What is the best 3rd-party email vendor for fast-growing startups?

Well, there are many third party email vendors for fast growing startups and the chart below will help you analyze the best DB vendor in India and will help you take faster decision in closing the deal with your 3rd party email database service provider.

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What are the best email service providers (ESPs)?

Not sure which is the best email service provider as all of the ESPs claim to be the best among their community of competitors.

But the chart below helps me to understand which service provider has more value to provide to their customers in terms of following features:

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What is the best email marketing service or software that helps to send emails with high accuracy?

Though there are numerous software tools and USA business email database services provider who can help you send email not only in bulk but also with accuracy. as a customer you have to make sure after sending emails using any of the email marketing platform, your emails should get deliver...

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Which is the best email marketing tool or software to send bulk emails?

There are not 5, 10 or best top 15 email marketing tool but there are hundreds of them present in the market. I would say that all of them are good in their own sense but as a customer we have to decide which ones are the best email database provider for us and will be value for money.

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There have been numerous software in the market but you have to make sure that you get the best mass mailing limits in a day’s time. What I mean is you should be able to send 5k or more mails in a day and then only the purpose of mass mailing would suffice otherwise spending money would be waste.

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