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Get Access to The Most Affordable B2B Database In USA

We have compiled over millions of B2B email list from the USA to help you in multiple ways such as building a business directory, generating sales leads, conducting quick market research, direct client reach through telemarketing, find individuals looking for jobs, business analysis and evaluation and other B2B purposes. With our premium and advanced enterprise database, you can connect with a large number of businesses in the USA without any hassle.

Features Of Our Exclusive B2b USA Database

At Binary Clues, our goal is to provide a quality business database of the USA with full contact information about the company along with the details about the contact person. We thrive to deliver satisfactory results to each of our clients.

  • Fully Verified Database: When providing you with the USA based email marketing database, we make sure each record is true and genuine. We engage in different data verification procedures including cross referencing and end-to-end verification.
  • A Large number of attribute fields: Unlike many other business database providers in the USA, we do not just offer contact numbers and email list of business. We know the value of each data set for your next marketing campaign and thus offer a large number of data values corresponding to each record. Few major fields include company name, industry, complete address and zip-code, contact information, and website URLs. Apart from this, you will also get access to the employee, sales, tax, and other relevant metrics for each company in our USA business database.
  • Fresh and updated data: Nothing can be more frustrating than a fake or duplicate record. Our dedicated team looks into constant updating and monitoring of our business email database. This not just removes any chances of fake data, but also keep you updated with the latest email address or contact details about the business of your interest.
  • Compiled through reliable data sources: We only use reliable and trusted source of data to compile the most accurate database of US based business. With an accuracy rate of over 95%, Binary Clues takes pride in delivering the most efficient database for your business requirements.
  • Customized database: Backed by a strong AI system and an experienced marketing team, we deliver a highly customized database of US based businesses that fits your needs. At first, we analyze your demands and then come up with an apt database solution. This not only eliminates the chances of irrelevant data but also saves your time and investments.
  •  Industry Wise Database: To further simplify your work, we provide a list of business emails of USA based on different industries. For instance, you can opt from businesses dealing with real estates or simply tap into the email list of healthcare businesses from the USA.Whatever your requirement is, we have a solution ready for you.

USA Business (B2B) Email Database for Sales Lead generation - List of Companies in USA

Our List of Companies in USA has over 2 Million business records and is equipped with full detailed contact information such Phone, Revenue, Website, Address, Contact Person, Company email address and etc. We recognize how important such data can be in the growth of your business. With the help of our US Business Database, your business can optimize its full potential after taking advantage of our product. We understand the inner workings of your business and how fundamental efficiency and communication is to be successful, that is why we are offering our company list data to help you with your business needs.

Feel free to browse around and check the email lists database we are providing. Our database and any other type of business lists for any country that you will find in our extensive site are completely thorough and detailed. We do not just offer you any company data. We take the time to constantly update it. In that way, you will always be assured that you have accurate and up to date company information database.

​We offer these company lists at affordable prices as well. We believe that you should find getting the business list you need easy so that you can focus on the rest of your business. That is why we make our databases so easy to access via MS Excel. No matter what company list you need for any industry that you are searching for, you will find just what you will need. Take the time to give us a chance. You will be very satisfied and pleased with our work.

Why Choose Our List Of USA B2B Database Over Other Data Providers?

With over thousands of satisfied clients all around the globe, Binary Clues is one of the most trusted database providers in the USA. We offer result oriented contact details and email list of US based businesses that can be used to serve a variety of purposes in your way to boost your business growth at a rapid pace.

Wait no more and contact our sales team today to book your free database sample.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is there a USA database with all the companies' information?
Yes, you may have the best USA based database company that has all the information from all companies. For example, Binary Clues has the most precise data of almost every US company that helps to gain specific business goals and reach new business heights. 

The companies' database helps in expanding your business and establishing the brand reputation across the globe. 

What are the best B2B USA email lists to buy?

The best email list to buy is the one having accurate data of the email list, regularly updated, and driving more leads. Moreover, the best B2b list must be affordable, customized, and well-segmented so that users can quickly manage the list and use it for a marketing campaign. You can choose from various available options grouped under:
  • Industry Wise B2B Database
  • Location Based B2B Database

Why buy USA B2B Email List?

The B2b USA email database list contains the contact information of the business vendors and customers. These details help to connect with the users and improve your sales funnels. Moreover, it will also help optimize the marketing campaign efforts to drive more leads and improve your revenues. 
Where can I find the best B2B Email List in the USA?

There are many options for B2b email database providers from where you can find the best B2b email database list in the USA. One of the best places to find the optimized email database list is Binary Clues, which provides you with the best and affordable database email list in the USA. 

How do I find a company in a specific industry in USA?

To find a company in the specific niche, you need to go on a website and visit the business section. Then click on the Company Dossier. After that, enter the company name into the searching box and then search for it. Note down the details of the primary SIC code that may appear in the section of industry classification.

Is Binary Clues a leading provider of B2B email list In USA?

Yes, without any doubt, Binary Clues is the most significant company of databases that helps to provide the best and authentic B2b email database services. The reason being the best is that we regularly update the list to keep it accurate and drive results from it. Moreover, we bring the customized solution of the database services that work as per your business needs and drive results for you. 

What is an email database?

The email database services are the contact list and email addresses of potential clients and consumers. The list is stored in the CRM software to quickly access it and drive significant results to gain new business heights. Bulk emails help an email marketing campaign to improve the leads and drive more results. 
How do I find my targeted email address?
To get the potential email addresses, you can conduct the surveys and use blogs too and leave a signing in section. The users will sign in by their email addresses. This way, you can collect emails from the resources. You can often promote your services on a social media platform and leave a sign in form.
To be more specific, you can hire the most profound email database service provider like Binary Clues that provides you an accurate and valid email database list. Using them, you can achieve and target significant customers to drive more sales and expand your business. 
How can I get free mailing lists?
There are many services providers available that will provide you free email database services. However, if you wish to compile a free email database list on your own, then prefer to have Google search and then use the email searching tool to get the results. Use the LinkedIn platform to drive the emails of the marketers and audience. Then make a list of it and store it in an understanding format like MS Word, Excel sheet, and other textual forms.
What is b2b email list?
The B2b email list refers to the business-to-business contact list that contains the contact details of the consumers, business executives, and C-level executives. The list will help to achieve business goals and gain more success by connecting with them accurately. This will also help in marketing your business more precisely. 
Does b2b email marketing work?
Some market research analytic reports and surveys show that the B2b email databases list helps grab more leads from social media platforms and turn them into potential customers. Moreover, the email database list helps to reach consumers and marketers directly without any hassles so that your marketing efforts are never wasted, and drive results for you. 

How much can you sell email list for?

The email list is not so expensive; the list of consumer emails you can sell in between $100 to $350 has one thousand emails. However, the business list cost a little extra than the consumer list. It will cost you around $600-$700 for a thousand emails. But the email list that is customized would be more expensive than the regular email list. Depending on your specific requirements and type of audience you wish to target, you can purchase one that suits your business needs. 

What is the best mailing list service?

Among various other mailing list providers out there,, Binary Clues is one of the best email services that help you succeed in the business. Moreover, we provide you updated and accurate email databases lists that drive more results for you. With several other such features, our mailing lists are loved by thousands of businesses globally.

Campaign Management

Not a conventional model of email marketing but a more desired and easy to use platform which helps you in scheduling emails as per your convenience and automating your entire process of sales.

  • Built campaigns which are effective and easy to use and navigate.
  • Gauge your customer’s visit and also understand his behavior.
  • The wide offering of the email templates helps you choose and create a rich text & HTML emails respectively. Just go and choose a template and start building your campaign
  • We also help you in creating the messaging for your campaigns without any consultation charges

Account Focused Marketing

Targeted email marketing campaigns helps you in generating the right leads in the short span of time.

  • We help you in reaching out to a large dataset of your customers and not have to worry about your email limits
  • Our services offer you a robust platform which the best of uptime of our servers which helps you in running the smooth campaigns.
  • The databases available with us are the best of the B2B contacts which can leveraged and help you in generating the best of the leads for your campaign

Database Management

We help you find the right data and contact details for your customers, thus helping you save time and gives you ample amount of time to focus on your prospect customers.
We help you manage your database in the following ways:

  • Right profiling of your customers,
  • We help you send the email with the email marketing services
  • Cleansing of your target list and any list which you want us to clean
  • Educate you on how large your resulting list would be to drive value for your marketing & sales
  • Helps you build your own customized list

US Geo- Targeting Email List

List of Email Database by State

New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Latest List Available or ask us to create your customize database list

USA Health Care Email DatabaseUSA manufacturing Email DatabaseUSA Salesforce CRM Email Database
USA R&D manager Email Database
USA Telecommunications Email DatabaseUSA Non-Profit Organization Email Database
USA Aerospace Industry Email DatabaseUSA 3d Printing Email Database
USA Call Center Email Database
USA Utilities Industry Email DatabaseUSA Fishing Industry Email DatabaseUSA Fitness Spa Email  Database
USA Poultry Farms Email DatabaseUSA Geospatial Industry Email List DatabaseUSA Semiconductors Industry Email Database
USA Horticulture Industry Email  DatabaseUSA Government Email databaseUSA Metal Mining Email Database
USA Pharmaceutical Email DatabaseUSA Oil and Gas Industry Email DatabaseUSA Auto Dealer Email Database
USA Warehouses Email DatabaseUSA Retail Industry Email DatabaseUSA Consumer Goods Industry Email Database
USA Restaurants Email DatabaseUSA CFO Email DatabaseUSA Importers Email Database
USA Healthcare Email Database
USA Event Planner Email DatabaseUSA University Email Database
USA Hr Email DatabaseUSA Construction Email DatabaseUSA Insurance Agents Email Database
USA Lawyer Email DatabaseUSA Hospitality Email DatabaseUSA Banking Email Database
USA Media Industry Email DatabaseUSA Accountants Email DatabaseUSA Technology Email Database
USA Real Estate Email DatabaseUSA Logistics Industry Email Database
USA Foresty Email Database
USA Petroleum Industry Email DatabaseUSA Environmental Email DatabaseUSA Paper and Allied Email Database
USA Prepackaged Industry Email DatabaseUSA Medical Email DatabaseUSA Chemicals Industry Email Database
USA Railroad Transportation Email DatabaseUSA Metal Mining Industry Email DatabaseUSA Miscellaneous Manufacturing Email Database
USA Finance Executives Email DatabaseUSA Biotechnology Email DatabaseUSA Cloud Computing Email Database
USA Food and Beverage Email DatabaseUSA Coal Mining Email DatabaseUSA Petrochemical Email Database
USA Textile & Fabric Industry Email DatabaseUSA Construction Email DatabaseUSA Intermediate Care Industry Email Database
USA Nurse Email DatabaseUSA Physician Email DatabaseUSA Adobe Users Email Database
USA Operative Builders Email DatabaseUSA Metal Ores Email DatabaseUSA Cement Industry Email  Database 
USA Magento Users Email DatabaseUSA Hubspot CRM Users Email DatabaseUSA HP Users Email Database
USA Dell Appassure Users Email DatabaseUSA Electronics Engineering Email DatabaseUSA Microsoft Users Email Database
USA Oracle Autovue Users Email Database USA IT Decision Makers Email Database USA Bariatricians Email Database
USA Blood Bank Center Email DatabaseUSA Machinery & Equipment Email DatabaseUSA Civil Engineer Email Database
USA Facility Management Email DatabaseUSA Public Information Officer Email DatabaseUSA Wine Industry Email Database
USA Trucking Industry Email Database
USA Infrastructure Email DatabaseUSA Gems and Jewellery Email Database
US Fishing Industry Email DatabaseUSA Electrical Industry Email DatabaseUSA Food Processing Email Database
USA Church Email DatabaseUSA Ceramic Industry Email DatabaseUSA Private School Email List
USA  Hotel Email DatabaseUSA Resorts Email DatabaseUSA Assistant VP Human Resources Email Database
USA Restaurants and Bars Email DatabaseUSA Landscape Architect Email DatabaseUSA Maintenance Professionals Email Database
USA Printing Services Email DatabaseUSA Airlines Email DatabaseUSA Director of Employment Recruiting Email Database
USA Administrative Professionals Email DatabaseUSA Night Clubs Email DatabaseUSA Theme Parks Email Database
USA Administrator Email DatabaseUSA Accommodation Services Email DatabaseUSA Insurance Agent Email Database
USA Wholesalers and Distributors Email DatabaseUSA Boats and Marines Email DatabaseUSA Truck Parts Email Database
USA Supermarket Email Database
USA Locksmith Email DatabaseUSA Shipping Email Database

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