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Industry Leading Database Company in India

Binary Clues is one of the fastest-growing database providers in India and the rest of the world. We take pride in providing qualified and affordable databases of Indian companies. The data we provide is compiled from a large number of reliable sources to assure promising results. Besides the industry segment and working domain, we offer a refined database as per multiple criteria. This gives you an edge over your competitors to know your potential prospects well before you make your first call to them.

Qualified and Reliable Data of Indian Companies

As a leading database selling companies in India, we do not just provide with data, but we help you transform that data into actionable strategies. Our Indian companies data is well refined and optimized to suit all your needs.

● Improved Marketing: Planning and implementing effective marketing campaigns seems much easier when you have an accurate database of your target viewers. You can focus on creating engaging advertisements while we take care of increasing your outreach to the right audience.

● Data-Driven Sales: We work continuously toward improving our database in terms of keeping it up to date with the latest contact details and other relevant information. This helps your business drive more sales within a limited period.

● Intelligent Data: Each of our databases for Indian corporates is categorized based on multiple deciding factors such as user type, locality, individual preferences, past interest, business domains, etc. This helps businesses narrow down their search for potential clients to a great extent, thus attaining satisfactory outcomes.

● Easy and Effective Research: A successful business is one that invests an equal amount of time in research and developments as it does in selling their products and services. And to carry out successful research, you need accurate data. Look into the latest market trends and action-driven insights with our extensive Indian database.

Why Binary Clues is one of the Best B2B Database Providers in India?

Binary Clues is the place where you can get all your database related needs fulfilled at an affordable price. But apart from offering premium services at reasonable prices, we have a lot more to offer that drives us in the list of top database vendors in India. Some of the numerous benefits of purchasing the Indian B2B Email Database from us include:

  • Verified and Quality Database:

To make the leads even more robust, we pass through our database of Indian emails and contacts through manual verification process where it is verified through testing campaigns to filter out any inactive or false data. This leaves the end result with a fully verified database for a better marketing approach.

  • Reliable Database Sources:

We understand the importance of databases in today's competitive marketing world. Thus, to help you win your clients over your competitors, we only offer databases from reliable sources. We do not just web scrape database from any random website, but check kfro authorized and reliable sources such as government websites, industry related magazines, individual company websites, manual calling to collect data, and even running our very own data collection campaigns to get the best possible database out there.

  • Regular Updation of Records:

One thing that is more important than quality data is the updated information. You spend hours contacting hundreds of customers only to find out that the emails are no longer operating or the numbers have been deactivated. To save you from this frustration, we update each of our records periodically to deliver only fresh data to our clients at any point in time.

  • Available in Multiple Formats:

With the growth in digitalization and increase in the number of customer management softwares, a large amount of marketing and email campaigns are automated with the help of these softwares. But they come with a limitation when it comes to accepting a certain type of database format. Thus, we offer each database list in multiple formats to help you with one that fits your needs. Yuu can expect records in Excel, PDF, CSV, DOC, TXT, SQL, etc. to use the single database at multiple places.

  • Highest Accuracy Rate in the Internet:

Unlike most of the email database providers in India, we believe in quality along with quantity. This implies that besides offering thousands and thousands of records, our dedicated team works on each and every record in our Indian email database to make sure that it is 100% genuine and working to help you get better outcomes from your campaigns.

  • Highly Structured and Refined:

As a trusted Bulk Email database provider in India, we ensure that each of our data lists follows a standard layout in terms of storing the information. When you buy an email database of India, we deliver easy to use information with multiple filter options, quick search and lookup, and multiple sorting options. This not only saves your time, but also makes the overall marketing process much easier and efficient.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is it productive to buy an email database in India?
Yes, it is worthy of investing in the database services in India to get more results. However, productivity will depend on how accurate your email database services are. Thus, to get more revenues, make sure to rely on only the reputable and experienced database providers that help to generate maximum leads and revenues from email database services in India.

How do I find a company's database in India ?
The companies’ database in India can be found easily through the best database services providers like Binary Clues. They can help filter out the best data and provide the most accurate services to the consumers and eliminate the false data from the emails list to maintain the flow of potential consumers. 

How can I get a free email database from India?
Most of the email database services are paid and customized. However, if you wish to have the email database services free of cost, make sure to have some of the best email extractor tools like Cute Web Extractor, Hunter, EasyLeadz email finder tool, Google email extractor tool, or Clearbit. These tools help to extract emails from the software at free of cost in India. 

How can I get b2b database in India?
Finding the best B2b email database list in India is easier. One can use blog posts, call-to-action emails, and Facebook advertising posts to collect email addresses in bulk and use them for promotions. Moreover, you can also hire the best email database services providers that help to provide you email database services for marketing and grabbing more leads.

What is the approximate cost of purchasing a database in India?
The database list is highly affordable. However, the average cost of having the email database services in India is around $50 t0 $1000. Depending upon the services and customized plans, the charge may vary from services to services. 

What are the best Indian B2B email lists to buy?
B2b email marketing list, customized email lists, and lead generating B2b email lists are some of the best email lists to buy in India from the prominent email database companies like Binary Clues. They provide you with the best and affordable email database lists in India that work as per your business needs. 

How are the B2B email lists categorized?
The B2b email database list from the email database company can be categorized under the list of managers, professionals, industry-specific email lists, customized according to the geographical location, and a lot more. Besides this, the email database list can also be categorized as a target-oriented email list that ensures to have 95% accuracy and deliverability rate. 

Where can I find a B2B email list?
You can find an effective B2b email database list from the most reliable database services providers like Binary Clues. They will provide you the most affordable database services plans that work as per your business needs. However, there are a lot more other database providers that offer you the best and affordable services too.

What is the cost of a good B2B email list?
The average cost of a good email list per 1000 consumers varies between $200 to $350. The B2b email database list is slightly more costly than other email database lists, and for every 1000 B2b consumers, email addresses may vary widely between $300 to even $1000. 

However, most business vendors always look for an email list that has 5000 or more contacts. And these email lists may cost you above $600 depending upon whether the list is simple or customized.

How is Binary Clues B2B email list unique?
Binary Clues is the most reputable email database company that offers plausible email database lists. These lists are regularly updated, verified, customized, and well-segmented to help users access them easily and quickly without any hassles. Moreover, their email database list is highly affordable and works efficiently. 

How to find a B2B Industry-specific email list?
If you have been looking for a specific industrial email list based on your industrial category, you need to have the best email database providers like Binary Clues, or global database services providers in India. They will help in creating customized email database lists based on specific industries and business types. 

How safe is it to upload my India email database in an email validator?
Uploading an email database is entirely safe on email extractor tools. However, if you want to know that the email database is legitimate, you can only buy those email database services from the experienced database companies. The Double opt-in is the best and affordable way to validate the email addresses in the email database services.

Boost your Business with the Best Database Provider in India

With years of industry understanding and in-depth knowledge of corporate database in India, we can help your business multiply and more efficiently. Whether you are looking for a B2B database providers in India, or you wish to target the B2C customers, India database company can provide you with premium quality Indian database to help you devise your business strategies.

Choose from a large number of options concerned with the customer and corporate database providers in India to suit your requirements.

Looking for the best B2B Data Providers Company in India?

If you and your organization are in search of the best DB vendors in India, you have arrived just at the right place. You can connect with new and existing businesses throughout the country with the help of our B2B contact database of India. Each business record is fully verified and offers completed details ranging from the company name to number of employees, their details, assets size, location, company registration details, and much more.

At Binary Clues, we thrive to offer one stop solution to all your Indian corporate database requirements. Whether you are looking to promote your new product or service, or wish to collaborate with new businesses, our database has all the necessary details. To give you an idea of our market winning offering, here are few of our core strengths when it comes to B2B email and contact database of Indian companies.

  • E-Commerce Businesses Database in India:

Over the past few years, the ecommerce industries in India have seen the biggest rise than ever. Be it single item stores for daily goods or a multi-channel store for all your needs, e commerce has grown in types of sectors. With so many opportunities out there, all you need is the reliable source of database to boost your business like never before. Our list of Indian ecommerce businesses offer the right solution for your needs. Each database contains the most vivid solution to fulfill your marketing needs such as the website URL, type of products sold, revenue, and even customers details in some of the cases. Get in touch with our team to learn more about the same.

  • Indian Manufacturing Industry Database:

Manufacturing Industry has always been the backbone of Indian business sector. If you are dealing in product or services for one such industry, we have the right database for you. Our B2B database of Indian manufacturing companies is highly useful for importers, exporters, manufacturers, suppliers, logistic and management management companies. Each record consists of information such as company registration number, contact details including phone, fax and email, key personnel details (decision makers), geographical location and complete address, business segment, and much more.

  • Corporate and Working Professional Database of India:

A B2B database provider in India is incomplete without the information about different working professionals in the industry. We offer complete details of individuals which include their contact details, their company details, their credit card details, the vehicles they own, and much more. It's just a matter of time before you grab the opportunity by working on the right information as per your need.

  • SME and MSME Database of India:

In any country, a large percentage of businesses are owned by the Small and Medium sector enterprises. If you are looking to target a particular section of such businesses, we have the right solution for you. To help you conquer this territory, Binary Clues offers you with the b2b email database of India-based SME and MSME organizations at an affordable cost.

Best B2B Database Provider Company In India

Over the last few years, business marketing strategies have changed quite a bit. With almost every individual active on the internet, the focus is gradually shifting towards online marketing instead of conventional techniques. More and more companies are opting for email marketing, online targeted campaigns, and even direct promotional strategies. To cater to all these requirements, you need a reliable option of B2B database providers in India. Luckily, Binary Clues is one of the most trusted and result oriented database providers in India with a large number of database options ranging from an email list to full-fledged contact details.

Qualities of a good B2B Database Provider in India

If you are looking for the perfect options for your business related database requirements, here are a few things to consider that helps you choose from a good database selling companies in India.

  • Genuine and quality leads:

When looking for corporate database providers in India, you should check for the genuineness and quality of the leads provided. You can ask for a free sample database to check for yourself. It is a quick and accurate way to get started with your selection criteria.

  • High conversion ratio:

The whole point of purchasing the B2B database of Indian companies to generate more leads for your business and boost your overall revenue. Ask your B2B database provider about their conversion rates to keep things clear.

  • Trusted database sources:

While you are relying on your database provider, you should make sure the list of B2B email addresses and other contact details comes from a trusted source such as known business directories and magazines. This will save you from ending up to a false and unreliable database.

  • Targeted audience data:

The next thing to check on while evaluating a B2B database company in India is to ensure that you are getting the exact data as per your targeted audience. This not just saves your time on those cold calls and unopened emails but also improves the success rate of your marketing campaigns.

  • Flexible usage rights:

Before you make the final call, it's very important to confirm with your database provider about the usage rights you are allowed with the purchased data of B2B companies.

  • Affordable pricing:

Last, but not least, have a clear discussion about the pricing, any registrations charges, or any hidden charges. You do not want to invest loads of money unless you are quite sure about the ROI on the purchased database.

Get access to the best B2B database of Indian Based companies at an affordable price.

If you are looking for guaranteed results with more than 95% data accuracy and assured compliance with the above mentioned criteria, Binary Clues is the best fit for your B2B companies database needs. We offer qualified and affordable databases of Indian companies based on multiple deciding factors such as user type, locality, individual preferences, past interest, business domains, etc. The data we provide is compiled from a large number of reliable sources to assure promising results.

With an expert team handling your database requirements, you can focus on growing your business in an easy and affordable way. Talk to our expert and get started now.

Get access to the most accurate and comprehensive data of Indian companies

With an expert team handling your database requirements, we assure you of data compliance and policies of that one needs to follow within Indian market. You can focus on growing your business efficiently and affordably.

Our well-researched data can help you take better decisions and run more efficient marketing and promotional campaigns with guaranteed outcomes. It’s time to reach the interested audience and up your revenues by leveraging our deep understanding of corporate database in India.

If you are looking for the most genuine data providing companies in India, we are the best fit for your requirements. Talk to our expert and get started now.

India Executive B2B Email List

India is the second most populous nation and is on track to overtake China by 2050. Presently there are 1.35 BILLION people in India of which 45% are under the age of 25. That’s about 700 million people under 25! India’s real growth GDP in 2018 was a very healthy 7.2% so its world ranking was 6 among Top Trillion Dollar Economy.

Segmentation of India database by Department or Function

1. B2B India Engineering Email List database

2. B2B India Finance Email List database

3. B2B India HR Email List database

4. B2B India IT Email List database

5. B2B India Legal Email List database

6. B2B India Marketing Email List database

7. B2B India Media & Communication Email List database

8. B2B India Operations Email List database

9. B2B India Product Management Email List database

10. B2B India Program & Project Management Email List database

11. B2B India Purchasing Email List database

12. B2B India Quality Assurance Email List database

13. B2B India Real Estate Email List database

14. B2B India Research Email List database

15. B2B India Sales/Business Development Email List database

16. B2B India Senior Management Email List database

Data Compliance and Policies in India

India adopted the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules. These rules state that written consent must be obtained from the data subject prior to adding them to the emailing list. Non-compliance can be costly – fines and time in jail are in the cards for those who fail to comply.

Our Indian email marketing list comprises of individuals who work in various industries such as construction, energy, engineering services, financial services, food and drink, health care, manufacturing, retail, supply chain, technology and hospitality. The executives in our India email lists & database are spread across different job roles such as senior management, finance, information, technology, operations, purchasing, administration and human resources, as well as sales and marketing and supply chain.

Segmentation of Contacts by Industries

1. B2B India Business Services Email List database

2. B2B India Automotive Email List database

3. B2B India Banking + Financial Services Email List database

4. B2B India Media & Publishing Email List database

5. B2B India  Information Technology  Email List  database

6. B2B India  Construction  Email List  database

7. B2B India  Consumer Goods & Services  Email List  database

8. B2B India  Manufacturing  Email List  database

9. B2B India  Government  Email List  database

10. B2B India  Education  Email List  database

11. B2B India  Healthcare  Email List  database

12. B2B India  Hospitality & Travel  Email List  database

13. B2B India  Human Resources  Email List  database

14. B2B India  Industrial Automation  Email List  database

15. B2B India  Insurance  Email List  database

16. B2B India  Investment Banking & Venture Capital  Email List  database

17. B2B India  Law Practice + Legal Services  Email List  database

18. B2B India  Supply Chain & Logistics  Email List  database

19. B2B India  Marketing & Advertising  Email List  database

20. B2B India  Mining & Metals  Email List  database

21. B2B India  Nonprofit Organization Management  Email List  database

22. B2B India  Oil & Energy + Renewables & Environment + Utilities  Email List  database

23. B2B India  Pharmaceuticals  Email List  database

24. B2B India  Public Relations & Communications  Email List  database

25. B2B India  Real Estate  Email List  database

26. B2B India  Research  Email List  database

27. B2B India  Retail  Email List  database

28. B2B India  Telecommunications + Wireless  Email List  database

29. B2B India  Warehousing  Email List  database

30. B2B India  Wholesale  Email List  database

Binary Clues also Provides Database of Following Cities:

Database Company in Delhi

Database Company in Mumbai

Database Company in Chennai

Binary Clues also Provides Database of Following Countries: