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LinkedIn Marketing

you want to start advertising on LinkedIn? You’ve probably been thinking about it for a while, years even, right? Or maybe, you’re already using pay-per-click techniques on Facebook, Twitter, or Google. And now you’re ready to do the same with LinkedIn.

Attract more leads and prospects on the world’s largest business stage. This makes good business dollars-and-sense. After reading this post, you’ll be a LinkedIn monster.

You’ll gain expertise to use LinkedIn ads to get more appointments, with more leads for your biz. From setting up your ads to tweaking and improving them over time.

Why use LinkedIn ads?

Because everyone is there. Okay, not everyone. Just 560 million of them. Them being, business professionals—a serious bunch who know what they want. 40% of them have conversations everyday on LinkedIn.

Conversations you want to be in on, right? LinkedIn has refined their tools over time. Creating a more interesting and useful experience than ever. A great place for you, Mr-or-Miss marketer, to get your message ‘out there’. Count thy ways:

  • Slicker desktop app
  • Better mobile apps
  • Show and share rich content, including video
  • Get less spam
  • Premium apps for the serious business-minded

All this making LinkedIn a place where business people hang out. Your people, too. Guaranteed. Don’t believe us? Fine. See the believable stats:

  • 40 million decision-makers
  • 10 million opinion leaders
  • 61 million senior-level influencers
  • You get the idea

All of them are eager and able to hear your message. And act on it. That is, if you’re in the game. If not, you’re handing business over to the other guys.

How LinkedIn ads will help you?

  • Increase awareness for your brand
  • Entice users to click though to a new landing page
  • Attract more followers for your company
  • Get more impressions and clicks on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Use with LinkedIn’s lead generation forms