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Zoho Meeting

Zoho meeting is the most versatile tool of web conferencing for hosting the webinars and online meetings. The Zoho webinar software is a web-based tool with a web conferencing solution for business collaboration and other meeting purposes. 

This brings all in one solution to manage everything from business interaction and other meetings webinar hosting. It's a complete cloud-based browser, and users don't need to download any application for attending webinars.

How to Join Zoho Online Meeting

We, as the settled and experienced Zoho online meeting software provider, will offer you our most sophisticated and affordable Zoho Webinar software that helps you to conduct meetings online from anywhere within real-time. 

Besides that, the software also helps you to share screen audio, videos from remote control areas, and other activities.

Benefits of Zoho Online Meeting Software to Meet with Current Business Needs

Our team will provide the Zoho meeting software that meets your following business needs with the utmost security and the following benefits. 

  • Web Conferencing with Video, Audio, and Screen Sharing 

The Zoho meeting software provides the most secure platform for screen sharing, video sharing, and audio meets. These are the crucial benefits of this Zoho online meeting software

This web conferencing tool will help you better serve ideas in front of the employees and business executives on video conferences and help build trust through this online conferencing. 

Moreover, you can add context and share documents and presentations with representatives during live conferencing.

  • Flexible Moderator Controls

The Zoho meeting provides moderator control for the web conferencing for steering the meeting course. An individual can select the mute option for the cancelation of the noise. Moreover, the business individuals can also enable the sound notification whenever any participant exits and enters in the live meeting. 

Apart from this, the individual can also remove the interlopers when they are no longer the participant of the meeting.

  • Secure Online Meeting 

Privacy matters a lot when you have an online meeting. That's why we bring the Zoho meeting software that puts your priority matters first. There’s a lock feature provided in the software that helps to control and lock the entry and exit from the online meeting. 

And if someone or a new member wants to join the meeting, they would be restricted until they have permission from the host. This will help to save you from data hacking and other activities too.

  • Record, Share, and Replay 

The Zoho webinar software also allows to record, store, and share data from the cloud. Moreover, you can also have the facility to replay the online meeting and download it to use that offline. But on the other hand, the host also has the authority to decide who they want to share data with and who not due to privacy concerns.

Do More with the Zoho Meeting Software at an affordable pricing

We at Binary Clues provide the most affordable Zoho meeting plans to meet with your business meeting requirement. Suppose you bill annually, then the Zoho meeting software will be available to you with a trial fee of $8/ month. In the trial edition, more than 25 attendees can attend the meeting at one time. Contact us today to book your copy of Zoho meeting software and take the next step towards transforming your business.

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