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Twitter Marketing

Nowadays, Twitter advertising is continuously overshadowed by bigger, more popular marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

With all these cool kids on the block, Twitter might seem like an advertising channel that has long lost its value.

But that’s not entirely true. Twitter is making some big changes with how brands can and should be using the platform, which could potentially increase activity.

Even if it doesn’t rise back to its original superstar popularity, it’s still a powerhouse of a social media platform, and there’s a lot to be gained from it.

Key Takeaways & hacks:

  • Twitter ads can be used both by B2B and B2C brands – It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling customer- or enterprise-focused products. Twitter ads can be a good solution either way.
  • Don’t try to sell right away – When advertising to people that haven’t been to your website before, start with a soft sell and share high-quality content, instead of asking them to make a purchase immediately.
  • Promote high-quality content – Use Twitter ads to promote eBooks and webinars and get new leads to your sales funnel by asking for people’s email addresses in exchange.
  • Keep it simple – Twitter has a 140-character limit, and that’s for a good reason – people want to consume the content and messages fast. Try not to include more than one key message per one Twitter ad.
  • Set up remarketing campaigns – Keep nurturing your leads by creating a Twitter remarketing audience and promoting your branded content to past website visitors.

Types of Twitter Ad Campaigns

There are currently two options you can choose from when you go to create a Twitter Ad in terms of what you want to do. These options are to automatically promote your tweets and to create a conventional ad campaign.

Automatic promoted tweets is a new system that will automatically take the first ten tweets you post per day and promote them, placing them in users’ feeds. This excludes retweets and replies, and all tweets must pass Twitter’s quality inspection before they’re promoted.

For enormous businesses who want to run campaigns quickly and on an automated basis to build brand awareness and expand reach, this is one potential option.

You would almost always choose the second, which is to manually create Twitter Ad campaigns.

You can still use past tweets, but you get to choose exactly which ones you want to be promoting. Your ad campaigns come with a wide variety of objectives, too, like the ability to increase site clicks, get more followers, or encourage app downloads.

Twitter retargeting best practices:

  • Remarket website visitors – Create landing page-specific Twitter ads to turn your landing page visitors into customers.
  • Exclude past converters – Don’t forget to exclude the people that have already converted on your offer.
  • Use remarketing for lead nurturing – Promote engaging content to increase brand awareness and make people trust your brand even further.
  • Target your email subscribers – Upload the lists of existing email subscribers to target them with relevant offers.
  • Deselect “Expand reach by targeting similar users” – This way, you’ll only be targeting the people who have actually been to your website.

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