Enrich and Empower

Want to know how LeadSquared CRM can help your sales conversion rates? 

All the tools you need for your marketing, call center, sales, and field sales teams

  • Intelligent Sales CRM

Help your salespeople make the right conversations to drive closures.

  • Marketing Automation

Deliver timely, personalized communication flows across channels and devices.

  • Call Center Integration

Beyond right pitch at the right time - Help your call center agents build relationships. 

  • Mobile CRM for field Sales 

Allow your field teams to put their best foot forward, productively, every single day.

  • User portals

For your prospects, customers, and partners – allow easy application and referrals.

  • In-depth Analytics      

For all your teams, channels, locations, products, and everything else.

The industries LeadSquared serves

  1. Financial Services

  • Banking

  • Lending

  • Insurance

  • Stockbroking

  • Fintech

  • Wealth Management

  1. Education

  • Higher Education

  • Edtech Businesses

  • Training Centers

  • Schools and K12

  1. Buyer-Seller Marketplaces

  2. Healthcare 

  • Hospitals

  • Wellness Clinics

  • Health-tech

  1. Real Estate

  2. Automotive

  • OEMs

  • Dealerships