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What We do?

BinaryClues offers fully comprehensive Facebook Advertising services. It includes everything that is needed to get your Facebook PPC campaign up and running smoothly. The following is a breakdown of everything that our Facebook Ads Management service includes:

1. Planning Campaigns
2. Account Creation
3. Ad Campaign Set Up
4. Ad Creation
5. Copy Writing
6. Daily Campaign Optimization
7. Weekly / Monthly Reporting
8. Landing Page Consultation
 9. Conversion Tracking

Why Choose Us?

For three years now, we have been successfully generating leads from Facebook ads. We have developed a flexible Facebook lead generation system designed to get more sales for you at a lower cost-per-sale. We don’t focus on the quick wins and exploiting loopholes to generate sales. We stay up to date with the evolution of the platform and use our system to implement the latest advertising strategies.

We are Outstanding at What We Do Because:

  • We focus on paid Facebook advertising
  • We have 3+ years of experience managing Facebook advertising campaigns
  • We offer blazingly fast campaign setup
  • We get to know your company and your customers in depth
  • We test on a continuous basis (ABT = Always Be Testing).
  • We pursue 100% results-focused leads
  • We guarantee email response times

Facebook Retargeting

We will retarget visitors to your site posting ads that can’t be missed, directly into their news feeds; they’ll appear right along with latest updates from their friends.

A/B Test Your Facebook Ads

Headlines, descriptions, images. We create multiple versions of each to find an ideal combination for every prospect.

Advanced Targeting

We can target your ideal audience down to the individual. We have the option to import your email list and target your contacts there. We also use a ‘lookalike’ audience targeting to expand the size of your list.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

1. Costs just 1% of TV advertising and reaches the same number of individuals.

2. Audiences can be “super-targeted” by advertising; according to gender, age, location, interests, relationship status, etc.

3. Ads can be directly targeted ads to users who are already on your email list or who have visited your website.

4. News Feed ads don’t look like regular ads. In fact, most people don’t even notice the difference between an ad and a post.

5. Word-of-mouth effect: Users can see their friends’ “Likes” so they are much more inclined to “Like” it also.

6. Easily grow your number of “Likes” for your Facebook business page by targeting users who meet your demographic. Gain more exposure for the posts on

your page. (Without advertising, as few as 3% of all Facebook page posts are seen by fans.)

When you hire us as your Facebook Advertising Agency, we will recommend the best ways for you to use Facebook ads to meet your specific business goals. Please send your inquiry at