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Binary Clues: The Best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Provider

CRM software is the best customer relationship management software that helps to unite all your customers and the data on one platform. This will help to increase the interaction with the customers and enhance your sales. Various business organizations utilize the CRM system that helps you to contact clients and locate them easily throughout the lifecycle. 

Moreover, the contacts can be stored within the same organizations and improve sales and encourage teams of valuable prospects. Therefore, we are the best CRM consultants and provide you with the best CRM solutions for our valuable clients. This solution will help to ease down your business and improve the strength to get more revenues. 

Being amongst the biggest CRM companies, we ensure that our consecutive clients get the desired results within real-time. If you want reliable customer relationship management consultant services, then come to us. 

Exclusive Features to Organize Platform Easily 

Binary Clues is the biggest Sales CRM vendor  that offers an exclusive range of features that help the leading business organizations to organize their business contacts and valuable data so that they can deliver the best services to their clients. 

Although there is a myriad of CRM tools available, we at Binary Clues provide you with the best CRM consulting services that help to keep all your relevant information organized on one platform. This will further help in managing other tasks for your sales team to work more effectively. 

Being the leading CRM consulting firm, we work to create the best user experience platform to get the sales efficiently and make the marketing process less cumbersome. Hence, you get maximum time which you can invest in other business tasks and work more impressively. 

Furthermore, Binary Clues all-in-one CRM consulting services and marketing software is uniquely designed for making the sales process easier for all business individuals. 

While seeking the right type of CRM consulting programs, it is essential that you first make sure of what you need. So, here are some of the common features you can find in the leading CRM system to work more easily.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is the best feature that you need to perform automatic sales actions and promote your services. For instance, a customer is filling the form; then the workflow automation will generate the message and send it to the sales teams. Hence, this feature will make the process easier and reduce the workflow. 

Being amongst the top CRM companies, we provide our services with workflow automation features and take care of essential details that easily help us operate all the marketing tasks. 


We are one of the leading CRM consulting companies that also provide the reporting features that are excellent for segmenting the marketing data and sales to get better results. This reporting data is also helpful in understanding and analyzing the correct information about the leads, several outbound calls, sales and measure various marketing metrics for better results. 

Third-Party Integrations

We are amongst the biggest CRM consulting services providers who provide the most extensive range of features and third-party integration to use along with the CRM system. With such features, you will connect the CRM with a third party's integration to leverage such features that your system does not have, such as accounting, email software, and many more. 

This will ensure that you save a lot of time that you waste in typing data manually and enter into the system or another program. Moreover, with such third-party integration, you didn't need to spend extra money on various tools for your CRM system and make flipping of the data between different apps. 

This will further ensure that you will make the maximum from your CRM system and match your business needs; it is also helpful in checking and creating an outline for what you are looking for and to whom you are targeting. 

Customer Data Management

Data management is the most annoying process for any sales team. This not only consumes time but also creates trouble while managing the team. Therefore, being the best CRM software consultant, we provide you better customer relationship management services to manage customer data easily and access it anywhere and anytime. 

When you manage customer data precisely, you will be able to manage customer relationships better. 


When you have the customized CRM platform, you will choose the best features and mold your dashboard, contact fields, reports, plugins and extensions to get optimum support within your budget and manage consumer relationships easily. 

We are the expert CRM consulting providers who provide you with customized CRM software to control marketing and services better. With such a customized platform, you will be able to manage the workflow and control your budget. 

Different CRM Systems That Manage Your Consumer Relations 

To help you get the best results, we are the biggest CRM consulting company and provide you with the best cloud-based CRM and on-premise CRM services where all the services are located. 

The cloud-based CRM services are hosted ideally on the CRM provider server. Hence, there is no need for installation and any other lower monthly fees. The cloud-based CRM system allows the team to access the program's remote zone from various platforms. 

We help to handle all the maintenance and upgrading so that you get better results. At the same time, on-premise CRM is hosted and installed directly on your server. This may require a one-time fee to have better system maintenance and handle all the upgrades. However, unlike another online CRM system, this doesn't require any internet connection. 

Streamline Your Business Sales Cycle with Our CRM Solutions

Having the best central location, customer communication and building successful marketing campaigns help to benefit your businesses in multipurpose ways. Binary Clues is one of the best CRM consulting companies, which helps streamline the marketing process by providing CRM software. 

With such reliable software, you will automate the whole workflow, report the sales time, and quickly analyze the data. This further ensures that you have less error-free work to get the best results. 

This will allow your team to focus on teamwork to achieve meaningful results by building better customer relationship management. Whether your business is small, large or medium one, we offer you CRM consulting services to all the business platforms to easily integrate with your customers. 

Choosing the Right CRM Consultant

Undoubtedly, the right type of CRM consultant will help to grow your business remarkably. But it is equally important to have the best CRM consultant that can come across your business needs and often function as your helping hand in providing you the best solution to handle your customer acquaintance process. 

Remember that every business is unique on its own and leads to diverse business needs. Yet, at the same time, some businesses serve the standard services to their clients. Thus, if you want to choose the right CRM consultant, then here are some key tips to follow. 

Key Things to Consider While Choosing the Right CRM System 

Before you decide on the right CRM system, you should ask yourself a few of these questions and check your business priorities. 

  • What are the things you want to improve in your existing CRM system? 

  • What would be the operational process of your business, and where do you lack in maintaining the business? 

  • Which team in your company will use the CRM system, and how many members will access the CRM system? 

  • How much third-party software do you need to integrate with the CRM system? 

  • What is your company’s budget? 

When you focus on these kinds of questions, you will decide on the right CRM consultant to benefit your business. Other than this, you can monitor on following things which are as follows: 

Focus On Problems and Then CRM Products 

When you find the right CRM  consultant, it is essential to focus on the problems related to the customers and your business needs. Then, once you target the problems, you need to focus on the products that help you decide on the best consultant who serves the services based on your needs. 

Address Your Employee Needs 

Your employees are the key to success, and your sales team helps build customer engagement in real-time. So, they must need a helping hand like CRM software to ease down their job of addressing the customer and building long-term relationships. 

A great CRM system or consultant will help evaluate the sales team's needs, share the workload, and evaluate the customers to gain maximum ROI. So, it would help if you address your employee's needs first and then choose the right CRM service provider based on your employee needs. 

Evaluate the CRM Service Provider 

After collecting the information, it is important to make sure that you reach your providers and evaluate their services. The best way to evaluate the CRM consultant is to have a demo roadmap on how they can help your company meet its goals. 

The roadmap designed and the guide given by them will help to decide whether the CRM provider works for you in the right manner or not. 

Check on Testimonials 

Before hooking upon any agreement with the sales CRM service provider, make sure to check the testimonials, previous client records, and reviews on the site. You can even ask for references from the CRM consultant. Also, be sure to have an open-ended conversation. This will also help you to learn about software reliability.

Personalize the Sales Processes

The sales pipeline is the core of every successful business. It helps in achieving the desired revenues by having sales. The companies can access the CRM software that helps in personalizing the process of sales. This platform will help in mastering the three main sales pipeline practices: the training of sales management, defining the sales process, and managing sales. 

You can use CRM in your sales process, which allows you to define the sales stages and correlate them with the customer's journey. By having this, your sales team will get to know the entire sales process and easily map out the key stages of the sales. 

Moreover, it provides you relevant protocol and essential documents which are needed by your sales team. You can also have the sales guide templates and ensure that you streamline your work in one place. 

Stay Connected with Your Sales Funnels 

To work efficiently, the sales team needs to close the deals at a higher rate, connect instantly with your genuine sales leads, and maintain transparency with the team. The CRM software will help in managing everything on one platform. So whether you want to generate more leads, prospecting customers, or manage the sales quotation right from the single platform, you can instantly connect and achieve the goals instantly with this CRM software. 

Customer relationship management software will also help connect with the customer and collect genuine information from the website. Apart from this, it also helps in inclining the business's purchase product process and engaging them for offering a better customer experience. 

Since the CRM software is directly connected with the ERP solution, without any doubt, you can rely on this platform and stay connected with the up-to-date list of products in your CRM system. 

Create Better Sales Forecast 

For a successful business, the right sales forecasting plays an essential role for the companies. This will help track the revenues, manage the targets, and give you a complete insight into the business, such as budget, hired employees, several leads encounter, resources management, and much more. 

For instance, if the sales in your CRM system forecast that you need to take a 20% increase, then make sure to ensure you get the staff and resources to perform training and carry it out timely. This, in turn, helps to increase customers and achieve desired sales. 


CRM software comes with a variety of features and pre-defined templates based on your business and sales team. These features and templates make the sales process easier and visualize your business progress to customize the sales funnels as you need. 

Since the beginning of time, technology has made things easier, and it will continue to do so in the coming years. As the year 2021 approaches, there are several possibilities and trends to be discovered. We have yet to see good market share and profitability in metrics and trends across multiple businesses and industries.

There has been predicted growth linked to CRM trends when it comes to organizations and customer management, and there will be a lot to see in the next decades. 

CRM techniques and solutions are evolving at a breakneck pace, which is why we've been able to move up the ladder to profitability and success.

CRM is well-known globally for assisting companies in increasing customer experience and improving customer interactions to achieve long-term growth and profits. The customer is the ultimate monarch of the market, and CRM recognizes this by offering a limitless array of benefits and altering the dynamics of customer relationship management. 

CRM will continue to evolve as new trends emerge, which we shall discuss. So, let's get started with the latest CRM software trends.

The Key CRM Trends-

Integrating with the Internet of Things (IoT)

When it comes to the success of IoT, we can state that it is a vast domain that has allowed many industries to ascend the success ladder quickly. The importance and services provided by IoT are still to be seen in the next decades, and IoT adoption will bring about massive changes. 

The businesses would improve the data collected by IoT devices to improve the customer experience and establish a healthy relationship with them.

Mobile CRM 

CRM was once confined to corporate domains, constrained to the organization's systems. However, as technology advances and digital spaces expand, CRM practices have become more robust and accessible since the benefits of CRM can be seen in the mobile world as well. 

A mobile CRM experience is also required, and employees are expected to work hard to get it.

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in every industry, including CRM. The combination of CRM and AI is predicted to grow in leaps and bounds, completely changing the dynamics. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) will be a new trend in CRM, and it will benefit CRM solutions. It will aid in the growth of global business revenues by providing a clearer view of customer relationship management. The value of AI in CRM domains will be a major topic of discussion, and more and more sectors will want to reap the benefits of this union.

Improved Customer Experience

CRM will improve the customer experience and address the elements that lead to such improvements. Companies will be able to focus on the main areas of business, such as customer management, due to the emergence of trends and more modern technology. 

A customer is the one who makes or breaks your business, and they make a decision based on their experience. Current CRM approaches may effectively address this, with the primary focus on improving customer experience and relationships.


CRM software has shown to be a valuable tool and supporter for businesses continually striving to improve their customer management and experience to achieve future growth and benefits. More consumer growth and technological integration would undoubtedly be helpful. To learn more about the best sales CRM software tools as per your business specific needs, drop us an email or contact us directly and we would be more than happy to help you.

especially for start-up companies, to run a successful business. The CRM system enables you to centralize the data and manage the workflow right from one platform. 

The ultimate goal of having the CRM tool is to improve the relationship with the consumers, which can be the potential customers for the long term. 

However, before you start investing in the CRM system, the industry experts share some valuable tips that we have shared below, and which you must keep note of. 

Get Constant Updates

Remember that the need of customers evolves with time. So, as a start-up company, you need to ensure that the CRM tool you use to gather the information about the customers must be updated at regular intervals to nurture the interest of the audience in a better way. 

Identify the Leads and Social Influencers

Leverage the CRM tools to the full extent and identify the leads and the social influencers. Apart from this, use the CRM to build a long-lasting relationship with the audience, improving the sales pipelines. 

Choose Affordable CRM

Being a Startup company, you may not have a massive amount to invest in high-end CRM tools with all the features. So, you can go with custom-made CRM tools and plans that fit your budget and handle various business tasks. 

Go With Mobile Friendly CRM

CRM tools are designed to reduce the labor and workforce. So, you can go with that customer relationship management tool that is easy to use on any device, gives you satisfactory results, and can be accessed by any remote device

Custom Reports

To start a business, you should hang on to the CRM tools that enable you to customize the feedback report, improvise the services, and proven to be beneficial for the sales team. Also, make sure that you will be able to get results in real-time. 

Data Security Features

Data-threatening is getting common these days. So, always choose the good CRM that gives you various security features and keeps your data secure. Moreover, the data security features are further helpful to protect your business from unauthorized transactions. 

Campaign Tracking 

A reliable Sales CRM tool must give you a complete insight into the campaign and results. So, make sure that the CRM you choose must allow you to track the leads and build customer relationships for the long term. 

Quick Response

In fast pace business world, the real-time results are appreciable to engage with the customers in real-time. Therefore, select the CRM tools that provide you fast-paced integration results within real-time and have better engaging capabilities. 

Good Platform for Social CRM Conducting

Choose the right social media management CRM platform with engagement capabilities, monitor customer needs, and bring customers listening. Apart from this, make sure that the CRM system integrates with third-party apps too. 

Choose Scalable CRM Tool 

The customer relationship management tools must be scalable enough to collect the data and help to use them for managing the sales pipelines. The data you collect further helps make a better marketing strategy and significantly impacts the growth. 

Access To Email Integration

Email integration will help you automate the response via emails and help you attend to the customers' queries. In addition, by email integration with CRM tools, you can also automate the marketing, newsletter, and FAQs

 CRM Must be AI Powered 

The CRM tool must be AI-powered to speed up the sales cycle, lower the labor cost, and automatically support the customers' calls. 

 Categorized leads

Not all the leads are fruitful and need your services. So, always choose the CRM tool that helps categorize the leads to find the quality leads that need your services. 

  1. What is the most popular CRM?

    There are many CRM providers who offer the best Operational Workflow with affordable pricing and Automation features. ZohoCRM is one of the most popular and widely recognised CRM solutions installed in as many as 150 countries with more than 15 million users by its side. The key features of this CRM include seamless integration , sales automation features and Real time tracking of various stages through which a customer goes through , basically the pipeline of a company from marketing to the end of the sales process.

    1. Who is the largest CRM provider?

    There exist a lot of CRM providers or basically CRM vendors in the market and the list also includes some big names like Microsoft and HubSpot. When it comes to being the largest provider , Salesforce is one among the best names to be included. It also has the most number of subscribers all around the world which also makes it one of the preferred choices. Other names like Zendesk and Zoho Corporation also come in the list but due to their various and wide range of working in different networks, Salesforce is preferably the best.

    1. How do I choose a CRM provider?

    No need to panic or have a sense of fear when it comes to choosing a CRM provider. There are a few steps that you can follow which will let you choose the best for your company since the most important factor to know is what is your company about and what are its basic goals and achievements. Apart from this , you also need to look at the budget as well as the features and extra add on which a provider is offering to you. You can go through different providers and hence upon comparing you will be able to list the best one out.

    1. How much does a CRM consultant cost?

    It totally depends upon which CRM provider services you are using and what is the size and aim of your business. If you have an enterprise sector , then the cost would obviously be higher than the small and medium sized businesses. Also the features you might want to include in your CRM system affects the cost. For a small and medium-sized business it may cost around $750 to somewhere near $1000 per consultant , however for bigger enterprises it goes to a whopping amount of $2000 to $4000 per Consultant . Remember all this data and pricing is allocated for a day only.

    1. How do I become a CRM consultant?

    CRM offers a variety of services to a business and it is a very handy tool when it comes to being productive and it also induces growth in the company. To become a CRM consultant , you can either approach CRM providers and their experts to gain complete knowledge about the CRM system while working as an intern or being connected with the company. Another way is to enroll yourself for a subjective session of CRM software which is now very common in cities and towns , due to the growth it provides to an individual.

    1. What are the services of a CRM consultant?

    A CRM consultant comes with a lot of benefits that CRM providers tend to target so that they can build their growth efficiency.

    CRM consultant services include :

    • Selection of CRM platform

    • Return on Investment (ROI), and developing cost and outcomes of a CRM software.

    • Customization and Specifications regarding Integration.

    • Sales And Customer Services.

    • Data Migration and Training of Marketing Teams.

    • Redesigning of Automated Sales Process.

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