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Get Access to The Most Affordable B2B Database In USA

We have compiled over millions of B2B email list from the USA to help you in multiple ways such as building a business directory, generating sales leads, conducting quick market research, direct client reach through telemarketing, find individuals looking for jobs, business analysis and evaluation and other B2B purposes. With our premium and advanced enterprise database, you can connect with a large number of businesses in the USA without any hassle.

Features Of Our Exclusive B2b USA Database

At Binary Clues, our goal is to provide a quality business database of the USA with full contact information about the company along with the details about the contact person. We thrive to deliver satisfactory results to each of our clients.

Fully Verified Database:

When providing you with the USA based email marketing database, we make sure each record is true and genuine. We engage in different data verification procedures including cross referencing and end-to-end verification.

A Large number of attribute fields:

Unlike many other business database providers in the USA, we do not just offer contact numbers and email list of business. We know the value of each data set for your next marketing campaign and thus offer a large number of data values corresponding to each record. Few major fields include company name, industry, complete address and zip-code, contact information, and website URLs. Apart from this, you will also get access to the employee, sales, tax, and other relevant metrics for each company in our USA business database.

Fresh and updated data:

Nothing can be more frustrating than a fake or duplicate record. Our dedicated team looks into constant updating and monitoring of our business email database. This not just removes any chances of fake data, but also keep you updated with the latest email address or contact details about the business of your interest.


●  Compiled through reliable data sources:

We only use reliable and trusted source of data to compile the most accurate database of US based business. With an accuracy rate of over 95%, Binary Clues takes pride in delivering the most efficient database for your business requirements.


●  Customized database:

Backed by a strong AI system and an experienced marketing team, we deliver a highly customized database of US based businesses that fits your needs. At first, we analyze your demands and then come up with an apt database solution. This not only eliminates the chances of irrelevant data but also saves your time and investments.


●  Industry Wise Database:

To further simplify your work, we provide a list of business emails of USA based on different industries. For instance, you can opt from businesses dealing with real estates or simply tap into the email list of healthcare businesses from the USA. Whatever your requirement is, we have a solution ready for you. 

Why Choose Our List Of USA B2B Database Over Other Data Providers?

With over thousands of satisfied clients all around the globe, Binary Clues is one of the most trusted database providers in the USA. We offer result oriented contact details and email list of US based businesses that can be used to serve a variety of purposes in your way to boost your business growth at a rapid pace. 

Wait no more and contact our sales team today to book your free database sample.

Campaign Management

Not a conventional model of email marketing but a more desired and easy to use platform which helps you in scheduling emails as per your convenience and automating your entire process of sales.

•Built campaigns which are effective and easy to use and navigate.
•Gauge your customer’s visit and also understand his behavior.
•The wide offering of the email templates helps you choose and create a rich text & HTML emails respectively. Just go and choose a template   and start building your campaign
•We also help you in creating the messaging for your campaigns without any consultation charges

Account focused marketing

Targeted email marketing campaigns helps you in generating the right leads in the short span of time.
•We help you in reaching out to a large dataset of your customers and not have to worry about your email limits
•Our services offer you a robust platform which the best of uptime of our servers which helps you in running the smooth campaigns.
•The databases available with us are the best of the B2B contacts which can leveraged and help you in generating the best of the leads for your campaign.

Database management

We help you find the right data and contact details for your customers, thus helping you save time and gives you ample amount of time to focus on your prospect customers.
We help you manage your database in the following ways:
•Right profiling of your customers,
•We help you send the email with the email marketing services
•Cleansing of your target list and any list which you want us to clean
•Educate you on how large your resulting list would be to drive value for your marketing & sales
•Helps you build your own customized list

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