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Email Marketing Automation

The digital and social media strategies of the companies are new sales trends producing revenues more than a conventional sales model companies. These strategies not only producing great results but also producing the right results and resulting in the optimum customer’s satisfaction.

BinaryClues email marketing services encompasses a great suite of services which these days modern marketers are looking for running email marketing campaigns.

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Email analytics:

These email analytics offering a great deal of services and help you understand your client needs and behaviors.

Marketing Automation:

Not a conventional model of email marketing but a more desired and easy to use platform which helps you in scheduling emails as per your convenience and automating your entire process of sales.

Email Marketing offering Includes:

Email Campaigns

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1. Campaigns:

Built campaigns which are effective and easy to use and navigate. You don’t have worry about your marketing & sales campaigns as our Campaign create feature gives you liberty to campaign of any type and anytime.

2. Visitors:

The feature not only helps in gauging your customer visit but also helps you in understanding his behavior, how many customer opened the email, how many emails bounced, how many customers unsubscribe and how many customers forwarded the email.

Customer Visit

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The dashboard are easy to use and customizable that it helps you in crafting the best of the Board Meeting’s presentation. The dashboard gives you a high level view and helps you prepare your next campaign with best results.

4.Email Templates:

The wide offering of the email templates helps you choose and create a rich text & HTML emails respectively. Just go and choose a template and start building your campaign. Many in-built campaigns helps you decide which templates to choose and use for your campaign.

Email Templates

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5. A/B Testing:

The A/B testing feature helps you generate the right campaigns, you know now which campaign performs better which doesn’t and using these insight you run successful campaigns and gives right return on investment to your client.

Value of Email Marketing:

  • Targeted email marketing campaigns helps you in generating the right leads in the short span of time.

  • We help you in reaching out to a large datasets of your customers and you do not have to worry about your email limits

  • Our services offers you a robust platform which the best of uptime of our servers which helps you in running the smooth campaigns.

  • We also help you in creating the messaging for your campaigns without any consultation charges.

  • The databases available with us are the best of the B2B contacts which can leveraged and help you in generating the best of the leads for your campaign.