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Digital Marketing is a joint expression for all online marketing activities that are performed using platforms like Google search, social media, email, SEO, Adwords, website, content which help in easy connection and communication with the current and prospective customers.


In this age of digit...

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As a marketer, you always think as to how to keep your email marketing costs low and still get the desired results. However it’s quite tough to manage that and to deliver the goods, you need to shed some weight from your pocket. Over the years, as a professional marketer, I have seen many ...

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Building an active customer group could be a game-changer for B2B brands, particularly with today's focus on personalized individual experiences.

For most B2B brands, the community is important for a variety of reasons. The three most obvious reasons are to boost consumer success, collect direct inpu...

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 Earlier, email campaigns didn’t use any strategy to approach the clients when there were inbound marketing days. The only method was the spray and pray method. In this procedure, the email senders sent the most significant possible emails to the enormous possible viewers of their contact...

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