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What is digital marketing and how to apply it to generate new leads

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Digital Marketing is a joint expression for all online marketing activities that are performed using platforms like Google search, social media, email, SEO, Adwords, website, content which help in easy connection and communication with the current and prospective customers.


In this age of digital media, people spend more time exploring online than with their friends/family, so the prospect of you marketing strategy online is only more constructive than marketing it offline. This is what digital marketing is all about.

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There are many effective tactics of digital marketing, which include:


1. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION:It is the action of optimizing your website to rank higher in ‘Google search results’. What it does is rocket the amount of traffic that your website acquires, thereby giving you better chances to grow your business.

Your target audience has to be able to find your site for it to be effectual. That’s where search engine optimization steps in. Though SEO Services is a little complicated and evolving discipline, it consists of two primary components.


--- On-site SEOmakes use of targeted keyword phrases to convey the concepts on your site that concerns your audience. These keyword phrases specifically  focus on your expertise and services.

 ---Off-site SEOis more concerned with the links to your website, either through outside participation or guest articles in other publications, for example. These attempts work to increase your site’s authority as a widely recognized leader on your topic.


2. CONTENT MARKETING: Any finely curated content has the magical power to entice the audience( but you just have to make sure it happens for all the right reasons as you want the relationship to be longer and stronger) and produce brand awareness and get the business going and growing.


3. INBOUND MARKETING:It can help you construct a brand personality and help customers to relate to your brand using online content in your website or in other content pages/forums or personal blogs.


4. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING:Needless to say, it is one of the best master plan in current scenario of brand visibility and is everywhere. People in social media get visual access to everything you offer them. Therefore marketing your offerings in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc will land you with more leads than you could ever hanker for.


6. WEBINARS, LIVE CHATS AND HANGOUTS:These are very affordable techniques to get the leads immediately interested via live exhibition of your offerings.

Always remember that while organizing a live Twitter Chat or Google Hangout, it’s cardinal to respond to questions promptly and provide participants with contact information so that they can get in touch with you or know more about your offering after the Chat or Hangout is finished.


7. Take PROFESSIONAL GUIDANCEwhich can help you maximize the lead count for your business. There are many professional database providers companies you can resort to. As a professional marketer myself, I would personally suggest Database of Decision Marketer  Industry | Marketing Database – BinaryClues because it has helped me save my neck on multiple occasions over the years and that is why I can give substance to it. Others are there but not as effective as Database of Decision Marketer | Marketing Database – BinaryClues when it comes to securing the right leads.

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