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It's a good idea to optimize and improvise the lead generation process by attracting more customers to your website and campaigns that will lead potential customers to your webpage, but do you reckon that the landing page holds the same importance as all the other factors and the visitors will duly ...

22.02.22 06:08 PM - Comment(s)

According to a study on lead generation process about 70% of the leads are not sales ready, this means that if leads generated by marketing are sent directly to Sales agents then only a marginal individuals are ready to go through the sales funnel process. This makes a poor impact on the performance...

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There is not one B2B database provider company in India  which can be recommended but there are several companies which can be good options for purchasing the database list for your B2B needs. Companies like



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There are lots of companies which are providing best B2B email database  services and I have been a user for many of the big vendors for many years and have generated quite good leads for the campaigns I have ran in the past.

The Selection criteria for the choosing the best database provider dep...

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Nowadays, we can see the importance of buying a b2b contact lists is one of the effective lead generation plans. Purchasing a b2b contact lists is a foundation for prospecting, either for cold calling or emailing which is a most effective lead generation practices that is widely used in to...

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