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Resulting from my years of experience as a professional marketer, I can suggest the following methods for generating plenty of high-quality leads:

#1. CUSTOMER REFERRALS: There is nothing better than getting a sales lead from a happy customer. An existing and old customer will know what you are ...

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As per Experian research, average company loses 12% of revenue due to bad data. Are you the only one? The answer is ‘No'. It is most of the organizations that are losing revenue due to bad data.

Companies are spending lot of their time and energy in running their email marketing campaigns o...

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As per one of the reports from Gartner, sales person spend less than 35% time on selling. Are you also one of those sellers part of such community.

The reason why sellers spend so less time on selling is because they spend most of their time on research to find the right B2B contact list for their pr...

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