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How To Create An Effective B2B Lead Generation Funnel?

24.02.22 03:00 PM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

Businesses of all sizes irrespective of their  industry and also whether it is business to business ( B2B ) or business to consumer ( B2C ) aims in targeting and striving for only one thing and that is to generate more sales and increase revenue for your business. The goal of all teams collectively is of course incorporated to increase revenue by breaking down the business into small segments such as sales and marketing teams. But the most important point of this journey of the sales funnel  process is the lead generation. Lead generation is easy as well as Difficult, hence it depends on your choice and skills to acquire them. In this sector, generating quality leads that are actually relevant for your business is not that easy. Lead generation is the process of generating leads by using various methods of communication and engagement through a website or Many other platforms. In B2B, businesses reach out to other businesses and decision makers that make purchases for the business. It's better to keep a plan pr strategy for effective lead generation and here are some beneficial points mentioned by Binary Clues which can help in achieving the purpose.

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1. Use Of Lead Magnets: A lead magnet acts as a prototype of the value you promise to deliver through your products and services. It gives users information and value for free which in turn induces customers to provide their respective patterns and behaviors to obtain the necessary information. Lead magnets also help in showing your expertise and knowledge which establishes credibility and trust among your potential clients. This simply means that you are providing your leads something valuable and it is feasible enough for them to trust you with their contact information. They are a vital source of lead generation in B2B and they always stay relevant.

2. Outreach through E-mail marketing: Email marketing is one of the most effective and trustworthy ways in the process of lead generation. Researchers around marketing have found analysis and statistics suggest that almost 60% of marketers find e-mail to be their most effective channel for maximizing revenue and generating effective leads. Chances of conversion also increase due to quality leads.  Billions of emails are sent and received on a daily basis around the world and above 80% of users check their emails every day. This directly indicates that you have a high chance of being visualized and also you can influence their decision.

3. Social Media and its effectiveness: Social media has acquired the whole world and it is also the place where your leads spend most of the time scrolling and crawling to obtain valued information. Hence it only makes sense to target your marketing efforts on the channels since the potential targets are vulnerable.  LinkedIn has been found to be the most effective tool for lead generation in B2B businesses with more than 660 million users on the platform. There are more who can provide qualified leads and they are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Facebook Live, Instagram stories, hashtags, and direct messages are some of the most used social media features by business companies to acquire the leads. 

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