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How to keep your email marketing database clean and healthy? 

16.04.21 01:39 PM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

When it comes to cleaning the email marketing database, it consists of eliminating the static and erroneous data. For instance, you scrub those which are not undertaking your email for approx 90 days. 

Here, you can clean your database automatically or manually. Binary Clues recommends you to apply the former one as it is faster, cleaner, and neater. You can also detach someone who has unsubscribed you a few minutes ago. You must do this as soon as possible. In case you are postponing it, it's time to throw away those emails. 

Are you inviting some risks by not cleaning your email list?

If you do not polish your b2b email database, it begins to be bloated, leading to toxicity. The goal of your marketing is to keep your emails in the hands of your customers. By not cleaning your email database, you are preventing them from doing so. 


Let's walk through an example; if you take the risk, your customer’s Gmail sends your email into the junk folder. 

Moreover, you trouble yourself by irritating the clients who are already in deal with you. If a person doesn't need to hear you all the time, why are you continuously loading their inboxes? 


Here, we are discussing some areas that you must consider while taking off the database cleaning. 

  1. Contacts -

First and foremost, use some filters to your list and get the missing information like the first and last name of the customer or lead vs. customer. By doing so, you can check that the detail about contacts you possess is exact or not. You must check the error or any inaccuracy in the spelling of any name or email address. At this point, you can also take the help of any tool and separate your genuine clients from spam and traps. Get the duplicates into the email database to insert or remove the extras. 

  1. Fields

If you apply the rule of one field, one purpose, it will be the perfect way of maintaining the data field. One field and one purpose mean that every field should have only one purpose. It must not consist of multiple segments of information. 

For instance, it won't be easy to distinguish email and page personalization if you keep the first and last name in the same field. 

  1. Intelligent Lists and Workflows-

Here the magic begins with smart lists and flows. You are required to keep things ordered and assembled for carrying your campaign manageably. In case you are using multiple handlers for managing the software, please get the correct list by applying the standard terminology. 

Tips and tricks for scrubbing an email-

Don't get confused while polishing your email database. Here Binary Clues has listed a few tips and tricks that are helpful for both the expecting marketing campaign and your own. So, let's catch them:

  1. Keep your contact list updated to keep yourself away from the not-needed contacts. There is no requirement of an unsubscribed customer, criticized over any spam, empty mailbox by entering the wrong email address.

  2.  When the accounting lists are not required, delete them. After that, you will come out with an email database strained from fake, ailing, and mistaken data. 

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