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Why is Zoho CRM the best choice for small businesses?

04.01.22 09:54 AM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

Companies nowadays invest a lot of time and money to nurture their customers with the help of customer relationship management software i.e. CRM. Businesses whether small , medium or large emphasize and rely upon this particular software to help improve growth and productivity. Small businesses have fewer employees than larger enterprises . They are in a range of 50 to less than 100 individuals . What CRM actually does is it helps in keeping the over-all data at one place . Thus , less the number of employees more will be its efficiency . In addition there will also be cost effectiveness since you will need less features than a medium-sized or large-sized business. This all should be present in only one CRM tool and the experts at Binary Clues have mentioned Zoho CRM as the best CRM for your small businesses. The above mentioned features are a part of Zoho CRM but money and staff management are just the basic functionality. There's much more to the Zoho CRM and with the help of our experts at Binary Clues we would like to enlist some of the major benefits that can be fruitful for your small business type.

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1. Pain-Free Migration : This is one of the unique features of Zoho CRM . Other software takes time to access or locate data via spreadsheets to other databases but Zoho CRM isn't that complicated. It stores all the vital information and database at one single platform and allows access to them with just a few clicks. Also once you have prepared your data in the required format , it automatically maps the file to the modules within the CRM for easy access. Zoho's migration checklist is the major supporter behind pain-free migration which reduces manual power and saves more time and effort. 

2. Conversational AI : Yes , you have heard it right! The Zoho CRM is powered with the conversational AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence and it is known as Zia. Zia is invented to handle your CRM in a more automated and intelligent manner. It gathers the useful information you want , and accurately predicts the possibilities of our output. You can call or chat anytime with Zia in case you need any help , she is also engraved with frequently asked questions and answers so that normal queries can be resolved instantly. Zia can be termed as a highly informative , interactive and skillful colleague for your small business.

3. Affordability : Affordable Zoho pricing is what attracts a lot of startups and small business owners towards their respective software. It doesn't bound you with any contracts or commitments and you are only insisted on paying for the services you want to include in your Zoho CRM . It is highly customizable and can fit perfectly for your business needs and requirements. There are three plans namely Standard , professional and enterprise and you can either pay monthly or annually. Well to start with , you will get a 15 days of free trial so that you can get used to the features and functionality as well as decide what's best for your business.

4. Integration with Third party applications : Zoho CRM comes with seamless integration for smooth workflow of operations. Integration with third party apps widens our range of getting more high quality leads and accurate information . It can help our sales team acquire more customers and relatively more productivity.

Conclusion : Zoho CRM is highly skillful for your business and thus is the best option with a lot of unique features standing by its side. Connect with us at Binary Clues to find out more information on Zoho CRM and its seamless experience. 

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