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Who Are the Main Email Service Providers in Canada?

05.09.20 06:30 AM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

Generating leads and potential targeting customers is what all business individuals want to have to achieve success in their business. However, to achieve maximum leads, it's good to have the email database services so that the entrepreneurs can quickly target their respective clients and achieve sales. 

It isn't easy to have the best email database services providers that handle your email marketing efforts and have more sales.

So, to make it easier, we have enlisted some of the best email service providers in Canada that help grow your business successfully. 

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Best Email Services Providers in Canada : Binary Clues 

Binary Clues is a well-established database provider company that provides customized leads generation and database services for Canada's business executives. 

They have a robust team of database managers who design the list with 95% accuracy to satisfy the client's needs. 

Moreover, the team will regularly update the list to keep it accurate and authentic. Along with this, the list designed by the teammates is converted into MS Word, Excel, PDF, and Text form so that users can easily understand and use it. Furthermore, they also help in targeting global consumers without geographical boundaries to establish your brand image worldwide. 

Affordable plans, no hidden charges, and accuracy levels are what Binary Clues serves to their respective clients to drive more sales. Binary Clues team helps in marketing and promotions to generate more leads that will be your faithful customers.


Benefits of Having Binary Clues Database and Lead Generation Services in Canada

The benefits of selecting Binary Clues, the leading database services providers, are: 

  • High lead generation and marketing campaigns to improve the conversion rate

  • Genuine deliverability rate 

  • They build a long term relationship with the prospective client to maintain the flow of leads and regular updates to keep the list accurate.

  • Experienced team of marketing and database services that designs custom plans to meet with the requirement of business vendors

  • Binary Clues provides real-time results and the fastest deliverability rate.

Lead Generation International 

Lead Generation International is one of the leading business to business email database services providers in Canada. They have a responsive and experienced team of marketers who help design customized email lists for the business vendors. 

From database updating to telemarketing and email marketing, the company helps to deal with the businesses' needs.


KIKA is another best database provider company in Canada. They have an experienced team of 13 employees that help to provide the best email marketing and database services for their prospecting clients. 

Here, at KIKA, they also offer digital marketing and social media marketing services to improve significant ROI and achieve success in businesses. Moreover, they also help to build new business clients to expand your business. 

Final Thoughts 

These are the leading email services providers of Canada who help achieve more leads with their email database and marketing services

The email list contains essential contact details, including email addresses, to target the clients effectively. Moreover, these services help boost up the sales revenues by generating more leads. 

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