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How Data Accuracy in b2b marketing impacts growth

24.02.22 12:57 PM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

In any business, leads play a significant role as they are the main consumer of your products and services. Many companies often buy loads of contact and email data from unverified sources to increase the number of leads, but often forget that marketing, as well as sales, can only be successful with good quality leads.

While creating a campaign we often fail to realize that all work on just the campaign and not assuring lead quality will multiply the work. 

The importance of data accuracy in the B2B industry can not be denied. 

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Let us read about how data accuracy impacts your growth:

  • It Affects Data Acquisition Cost

The data you collect from different sources has a different accuracy rate. Many database providers UK offer cheap databases but the accuracy rate is low, while few offer more accuracy rates at a slightly more cost. When the accuracy rate is high the costs are going to be reduced when data is bought in bulk and even then there may be a requirement for much less contact information because you are sure that the data is accurate and will impact your marketing positively.

  • It Impacts the Quality of Contact Data

Data is continuously changing, much faster than ever before, if you do not stay updated your business productivity is compromised. If you have outdated contact information it is ok, but when that number exceeds a certain limit it can be disastrous as it results in a wastage of time that could have been used to interact with usage prospects. 

With data accuracy, the quality of data is also impacted and bad data quality only brings bad news. Buy B2B database in UK that comes from a verified source and see how well your marketing campaign performs.

  • It Impacts Conversion Rate

Inaccurate leads have a lower conversion rate. When a quality lead is collected from the best B2B database providers in UK, it is easy to gather the information about that lead through tracking and contacting them the right way. Accurate data results in an increase in conversion rates meaning more revenue. 

Also, getting accurate leads means you have accurate prospect information, it is easier to access it during an interaction.

You can contact a verified UK database company, these database companies provide a fresh take on the way you collect your database. With AI-driven data, you don't need millions of contact records out of which 95% even more are going to be wasted, only a few 1000 contact information can be more helpful than those millions. 

These platforms not only offer the most updated information but provide multiple search filters, verification and scanning of the collected data in real-time.

Best database providers in UK have been used by multinational corporations and they have seen tremendous growth in conversion rate and succeeded in improving their productivity at the same time.

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