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Best 7 B2B Technology Data Providers

27.07.22 07:43 PM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

When your sales team makes use of accurate contact data, then it is obvious that they will benefit from being able to target the right people at the right companies for their Ideal Customer Profiles or ICPs through sales based on accounting, further uncovering new connections, sending personalized messages based on authentic information and stop wasting their precious time on the efforts of dialing wrong numbers and updating CRMs with that information. Keep reading to learn more about 7 best B2B Technology Data Providers mentioned by our researchers and experts at Binary Clues.

1. Lead411: Its data includes verified direct dial contact numbers, emails, push notifications job changes, compliance mandates along with product, pricing changes and lead intelligence. They also offer a free Gmail extension that your sales team can use to find and send emails in one window as you search for new leads that match your Ideal Customer Profile.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: It offers sales teams the ability to target the right people and companies through tactics and suggesting relevant prospects that match your ICPs. As your sales team is using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, one can also save their lists of target accounts and leads and get notified of new ones for those accounts.

3. Binary Clues: It provides sales teams with accuracy, almost with a contact accuracy score of 90 to 100 B2B contact data also including direct dial contact numbers, email addresses and much more relevant information. The Binary Clues profile information is also encompassed with further details about a prospect, from certifications to work experience, to web mentions and job responsibilities to social media links.

4. Slintel: This B2B data provider helps customers uncover and connect with top prospects in their market as well as obtain actionable buyer intent signals and feedback. Sales teams receive customized lead recommendations from Slintel’s database of over 17 million companies.

5. Lead Near Me: This technology data provider provides customers having access to 46 million business contacts worldwide which are searchable with the help of over 50 filters thus including job title, location and industry in order to help sales teams zero in on their ICP. Customers say that it differs from their competition with their built-in real-time email verification.

6. Owler: It has a community of over 3.5 million business professionals who power the business with the information they offer. Every month, the data provider asks their users for insight about their companies furthermore including vital points such as private company revenue estimates, employee headcount and CEO approval ratings. This valuable insight helps sales teams to prospect new sales reads and look for notifications about their target companies.

7. Lusha: It offers accurateB2B data to sales teams that includes 36 million C-level profiles, 100 million business profiles and 15 million company profiles. With Lusha, you can take your dialers from social networking websites to your Gmail account or company websites and save them to your CRM with just a single click.

Conclusion: Now that you know why a B2B technology data provider is necessary for your business and the list of the top 7 such data partners provided by Binary Clues, it is the right time to approach the one of your choice with your marketing concerns and watch them level up your marketing game with a rich data. 

If you need more details regarding how to select the right B2B technology database provider, or you need to look at our premium database, feel free to reach out to us today.

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