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What does the future of digital marketing look like?

03.10.18 05:26 PM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

A survey conducted by the economic intelligence unit in 2016 aiming to find out what key technologies and trends will drive change in the marketing industry over the next four years, found out the following results. And this, visibly and by any logic, holds true as you yourself wouldn’t disagree to the stats. No doubt that traditional media for marketing are going downhill as these are less preferred by the audience and only end up consuming more time and energy. Today, you have a mobile device, you got a good internet connection, the world is at your fingertips. So why would marketers chase the audience elsewhere!

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As you can see in the graph above, all the frontrunners are part of your digital marketing strategy and will continue leading the way for a long time to come.

With concepts like AI and personal assistants, it looks like marketing is going to be way easier than what it is now.  And do you think social media is dying down anytime soon?  No, right? Not for a long, long time. There has to be a magical discovery to replace it and shift the public attention away from it. And you can only imagine what that discovery might take to come into being. 

So, analyzing each USA Email database services and every bit and focusing on customer experience, functionality, micro-moments, highly targeted advertising, digital marketing offers it all at a lesser time and energy consumption than the traditional media like tv, print, radio etc.

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