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8 ways to grow your business using Zoho One

19.01.22 11:33 AM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

Zoho One offers a suite of cloud business applications which comes under the Zoho Corporation. Its main functionality includes Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory, and Zoho SalesIQ , these are only the most popular and this is why it is one of the best software package for small and medium sized businesses.Zoho One is also equipped with a replacement app for that and its included in your all-employee licencing fee. By customizing your business cloud licenses according to single user or employee based management , you can reduce your monthly cloud fees along with the bonus that most Zoho applications have an expertise in easily integrating with each other. This also reduces the need for manual data migration or paying extra charges for third party integration applications like Zapier. Since Zoho One is already bringing a change to businesses of all types , let's take a look at 8 ways by which we can effectively grow with our business.

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1. It saves a lot of money: Zoho One is efficient in saving a lot of expenses from your company's annual budget. Since as a business we need to carry out different operations to acquire leads , track them , deliver high quality content and much more but this doesn't seem possible with just a software tool. So companies invest in various strategies to put them ahead in the competition, but Zoho One offers all of the product related services at minimal costs and also all of it is done via single payment , it means once you did the payment you are gonna enjoy services without paying extra for other purposes.

2. Single Platform Database: Finding and acquiring data from various channels and sources need a proper database which is centralized as well as easily accessible. Most of the software creates different sections to indicate the information , but Zoho One compiles data in one single platform so that the data can be accessed in real time.

3. Inventory management: With the growing business , you also need to stock up your products to deliver it with ease. Inventories are hence made where products are kept . Inventories can be large, and their Effective management can be done with the help of Zoho One so that no products go missing and there will be less chances of undelivered services.

4. Better Organized Teams: Zoho One is credited with passing and migrating data with ease. This helps in better collaboration among marketing and sales teams which can eventually boost up all the sales processes. Zoho project ,

Zoho HR , Zoho Cliq , Zoho work drive are some of the applications in Zoho One suite which help us achieve collaboration and an organized team.

5. Automation Tools: If you want to increase your sales , then a sales automation tool can be a key in doing the same. Zoho CRM's ability to automate the quoting process with the business it is implemented in can help drive more and more sales into the business by repetitively performing the tasks that are beneficial to our pipeline staging and engagement of customers.

6. Conversion Rate: There is an increased chance of converting your potential leads into paid customers and Zoho One with the help of Zoho marketing automation tools such as Zoho  campaigns , Zoho marketing hub , Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho social helps in acquiring high quality leads through integration and other features.

7. Integration: Since integration plays a major role in the field of business development , Therefore Zoho One is efficient in integration with other websites and third party applications. Other than that , since it comes under Zoho corporation , it also inculcates all its applications under integration through Zoho One so that the extension of acquiring content and potential customers is increased.

8. Customizations: Customization is a highly preferred choice among business owners since we need to improvise and change our tactics to improve our growth. Zoho One is customizable and can be optimized according to business needs. Upon implementation , it can also be optimized based on user experiences .

Conclusion: Delivering what is best required for your business is the main objective of Zoho One and is quoted by Binary Clues. Being an official consultant partner , we are therefore glad to acknowledge you with all the optimal services that Zoho corporation has to offer to help improve and grow your business. 

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