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Zoho One - A Perfect Solution for Businesses in the Construction Industry

13.01.22 04:25 PM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

We all know how Zoho CRM has been so impactful on improving our business since it first appeared in the market. Zoho CRM comes under the Zoho corporation and the company thus offers a lot of other services such as Zoho Mail , Zoho Meeting , Zoho Desk and a lot of other cloud based solutions and services . But besides only one application , sometimes we may need to introduce all of them in our business to maximize our business growth. So how is it possible that we can make the use of Zoho in all the ways we want just at one single place . Well the answer is here with the Binary Clues and your one stop destination will come to end with the use of Zoho One for your construction business. Construction sector requires a lot of vigorous workflow and management of different operations and since Zoho One involves all the services that are provided under Zoho corporation , then it is the best chance that we should introduce Zoho One for our construction business. So how Zoho One helps in maintaining our construction business is the question that may be popping in some of your minds and here is the detailed clearance to all of your curious thoughts .

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1. Zoho Website : It comes under the Zoho One and is an important part of Zoho corporation even in individuality. It is accountable for capturing leads , converting leads into sales process , tracking of customers through various stages of sales process and reporting revenue at the end of sales process. The website also gives your business a unique presence in the market and the website works for your business in a profitable manner.

2. Zoho CRM : Zoho CRM and Zoho website have some things in common like following the leads and converting them into a sales process. Apart from this it also stores vital information about the customers , vendors , employees , supplies , architects and contractors so that the database is highly maintained and reliable. It is also responsible for targeting the right people for capturing potential customers.

3. Zoho invoicing : Zoho invoicing is a customer payment portal where all the payments invoice and details are stored after the sales process. With the help of zoho invoicing we can send invoices easily and safely to the customers . It is also accessible through mobile and website and thus is responsible for real time payments.

4. Zoho Email marketing : With the help of Zoho email marketing we can build awareness about our products and services to the potential customers we have chosen to target for our construction business. It also makes architects and contractors aware about our push products which can be highly beneficial to them . It also helps in keeping customers updated about our new and existing services.

5. Zoho Project Management : It is responsible for maintaining and organizing campaigns to prioritize our product on a market level basis.  It also helps in storing various project details based on which predictions can be made about the possible outcomes.

Conclusion : Zoho One is truly the software you will need to lower your manual workload and keep your customers satisfied , all at the same time. Therefore there is no doubt in saying that Zoho One is one of the most flexible software till date. 

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