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5 Affordable CRM Solutions for Small Business

01.01.22 06:38 AM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

Many small businesses don't tend to turn towards the CRM solution because they think that in some way it's gonna cost them much more than they are actually aiming at and to add more to it there is a challenge of adding one more thing to the daily tasks. This is just a perception and perceptions can be wrong. And obviously if you want to grow with the time you will need a customer relationship management software by your side. That doesn't mean your business won't run without a CRM solution but due to the ongoing competition and relatively higher number of growing stakes in the market, makes it difficult for us to manage all things at one place. Bringing everything at a unified junction would obviously improve our efficiency and performance and this can be best managed by a CRM solution. Here we at Binary Clues would like to mention the 5 affordable CRM solutions depending upon their price , available features and ease of use which make them perfect for your small businesses.

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1. Zoho CRM .

One of the most popular and widely recognized CRM solutions in the world. Zoho CRM is the powerhouse to many tools and resources that you might need to capture leads from your website. If you want to have customer data without having to search then Zoho CRM is your answer. Effectively tracking your sales activity and managing your email marketing thus provides the user a benefit of having everything at the right place and in the right order. Its drag and drop feature is also a standout feature which lets you change any data without any huge interruptions in between. Can also integrate with Google documents , gmail,  contacts, calendar and tasks to improve its performance.


• Forecasting of sales.

• Staging of custom pipeline buildup.

• It sends email in bulk.

• Prioritizing the potential target by giving them positive and negative scores.

It's pricing ranges from $14 to $52 per month depending upon the Customizations you need.


It is a cloud based CRM solution built on an open source platform for small and medium-sized businesses. It can easily manage interactions with customers and leads. It also helps in building and sending bulk emails and assigning tasks to different members of your team. It can further integrate with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook and Gmail to improve the performance of CRM solution.


• Staging and pipeline management.

• Scheduling.

• Scoring of leads

• Task and Calendar Management.

• Workflow automation.

The pricing of this solution ranges at $30 per user for an entire month.

3. HubSpot CRM.

It is totally cost-free and this is why it is one of the most affordable and convenient CRM solutions for small business owners. Its intuitive and easy to use interface makes it more user-friendly. Integrate with Gmail and Outlook and also includes features like contact management, email tracking and live chat.


• Tracking of potential customers.

• Visual reporting dashboard.

• Chatbots.

• Tracking of email and notifications.

It is free to an unlimited number of users and paid plans start at $50 per month.


It is used by over 350000 small businesses crm  and freelancers across 110 countries and is a simple and powerful CRM solution for small businesses. You can access the information in real time through this system and it can also categorize the potential leads according to their background, email history  and important dates.


• Management of leads.

• Emailing in mass amounts.

• Capturing leads from the web.

• Creating Email templates.

It's pricing ranges from $29 to $99 per month and it is free for upto 2 users.


It helps small businesses in finding smart and simple ways to nurture and track leads with current and potential customers. They can also connect with Facebook , LinkedIn and Twitter which means the possibility of generating leads is at higher standards.


• Tracking of daily activities.

• Call logging.

• Dealing with pipeline management.

Its pricing has just one plan and it is at $19 per month per user.


An effective insurance CRM Solution will help you build a better future for your company and hence these 5 affordable solutions are providing their best services and efforts in the market. If you also want to be a part of an ever-growing technology software system , you can reach out to us at Binary Clues . 

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