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Campaign Management

Not a conventional model of email marketing but a more desired and easy to use platform which helps you in scheduling emails as per your convenience and automating your entire process of sales.

  • Built campaigns which are effective and easy to use and navigate.
  • Gauge your customer’s visit and also understand his behavior.
  • The wide offering of the email templates helps you choose and create a rich text & HTML emails respectively. Just go and choose a template and start building your campaign
  • We also help you in creating the messaging for your campaigns without any consultation charges.

Account focused marketing

Targeted email marketing campaigns helps you in generating the right leads in the short span of time.

  • We help you in reaching out to a large dataset of your customers and not have to worry about your email limits
  • Our services offer you a robust platform which the best of uptime of our servers which helps you in running the smooth campaigns.
  • The databases available with us are the best of the B2B contacts which can leveraged and help you in generating the best of the leads for your campaign.

Database management

We help you find the right data and contact details for your customers, thus helping you save time and gives you ample amount of time to focus on your prospect customers.

We help you manage your database in the following ways:

  • Right profiling of your customers,
  • We help you send the email with the email marketing services
  • Cleansing of your target list and any list which you want us to clean
  • Educate you on how large your resulting list would be to drive value for your marketing & sales
  • Helps you build your own customized list

Contact Lists

The package of B2B database comes with a Linkedin link for the purchased contact which actually adds value and authenticity and reality of the database purchased from BinaryClues. Algorithm used by BinaryClues helps you in finding the best of the contacts.

We have been instrumental in providing contacts not only for managers and above but also for decision makers like:

  • The C-level line of buyers – CEO, CMO, CTO, CIO, COO, and founders.
  • Vice Presidents, Associate VP's, VP, SVP, Presidents
  • Directors, Managing Director, Marketing Directors, GM, Office Manager, Sales and Marketing Managers, HR Managers, IT Managers, Procurement / Supply Chain Execs, etc.

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