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        1.  Intelligent Sales Execution CRM
        2. A guide to how Leadsquared helps remove all the clutter from a salesperson's work. 

          Help your salespeople make the right conversations to drive closures.

          Lead Management

          The perfect lead management software for successful sales teams. Captures all your leads instantly and automatically, identifies the most profitable channels, routes them to the right teams (and people), after prioritizing them based on their profiles, activities, and urgency of requirement. Your sales teams will never dial blind again!

          Lead Distribution

          Intelligent lead distribution for productive sales teams. Route leads by leads’ interests, locations, and all the other criteria important to you. Also distribute leads by agents’ languages, their product specialty, experience, availability, shift days and more. Your teams would not miss a single follow-up again. Timely contact = higher conversions. 

          Sales Prioritization

          Prioritize leads by their profiles, their activities, urgency of their requirements and more. Lead prioritization is achieved by a combination of lead quality score, lead activity score and engagement score, ensuring that the best leads are contacted first. This reduces leads’ time to closure.

          Sales Process Automation

          Your sales managers can build the sales processes just right for your different products, teams and more. Take into consideration the number of follow-ups and nurturing campaigns needed to drive more closures fast. The sales processes are dynamic, flexible, and can be changed easily by your salespeople with no code usage. 

          Smart Views for Smart Salespeople

          LeadSquared’s Smart Views allow you to build different views for your sales teams, thereby enhancing their productivity. You can allow them to view unique leads that have come in, the follow-ups for the day, overdue tasks and more. What’s more – your salespeople can initiate calls, send campaigns and take any other action without switching tabs from within their smart views.  

          Sales Tracking

          Track not just your sales teams’ daily work, but get unique insights on the best revenue sources, star salespeople, best performing products, teams, or locations. Use these insights to make better sales decisions, run well-informed campaigns, and help the teams, agents or products not performing to the best of their potential.

          Opportunity Management

          LeadSquared allows you a unique opportunity management solution. For instance, if one prospect is interested in multiple products, all the interests can be mapped as different opportunity types. This solves the problem of lead duplication, when one lead is interested in multiple products. This works well for B2C businesses with high chances of cross-sell. 

          Sales Management

          Manage all your sales processes, channels, teams, territories (and more) with LeadSquared. There are custom dashboards available for different hierarchies, roles and individuals – allowing agents and their managers at each hierarchy to view the metrics important to them, and improve them accordingly. 

          Mobile CRM

          In addition to web CRM, your field teams have complete access to all these features in their mobile CRM app as well. Additionally, you can even track your salespeople’s movements geographically to ensure that they are at their meeting locations when they are meant to be. 

    1. Marketing Automation Software 

    Deliver timely, personalized communication flows to drive more revenue

    Complete Lead Capture

    Marketing ROI is measured by not just the number of leads generated, but the sales conversions from the campaigns. However, the foremost thing is ensuring that all the leads generated are at least captured, without fail. LeadSquared allows you to do that automatically, with no effort on your team’s part.

    • Responsive Landing Pages: High-converting, responsive, and easy to build with a drag-and-drop editor, LeadSquared’s landing pages can be used in all your PPC, social and other online campaigns to ensure higher conversions and automated lead capture.

    • Webforms: Whether you have your own web forms or you wish to use LeadSquared’s – you can capture all the leads generated from the website without fail

    • Call Capture: Capture all your phone calls as leads by integrating your IVR or telephony tools with LeadSquared. All calls – including missed calls are captured. Call recording is available in lead activity, allowing for easy audits.

    • Lead Capture Marketplaces: No matter which 3rd party marketplace is relevant for the industry you operate in, LeadSquared helps you capture leads from majority of them with in-built connectors.

    • APIs and Webhooks: For sources where a direct connector is unavailable (for the moment), open APIs help you capture leads from them as well. 

    • Bulk Upload: You can even upload lead lists to ensure that offline leads aren’t missed out either. 

    Lead Activity Tracking

    From the moment a lead enters your system (either by filling forms, phone calls or manual addition), its activities on your website, and interactions with your content or salespeople start getting tracked automatically. All the pages they view, the email links they have clicked, the phone conversations they have with your sales teams – everything is tracked and recorded. Historical tracking is also available after a lead gets captured.

    Lead Segmentation

    Segment your leads by their interests, locations, time zones, their position in the sales cycle and more. This would help you run the perfect communication campaigns every single time, and ensure that all your communication campaigns are timely, relevant and on the channels and devices that your prospects prefer.

    Automated Communication

    Based on lead tracking, you can trigger communication campaigns on channels and devices of your prospects’ choice (Emails, text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Google retargeting etc.). Drag and drop communication builder helps ensure that your marketing team can set up elegant communication flows without any technical help. Broadly, following types of communication campaigns can be initiated 

    • Scheduled communication based on lists (team-initiated campaigns)

    • Automated trigger-based communication (automated campaigns with no manual intervention)

    Responsive Email and Landing Page Templates

    There are dozens of industry and campaign specific templates available for you to build emails or landing pages that work well on all devices.

    Complete Reporting

    Get in-depth insights into all your marketing campaigns. Identify the most-profitable lead sources, performance of your landing pages, email campaigns, marketing automation campaigns and more. Track the profitability of each marketing channel and reinvest accordingly. 

    1. Mobile CRM

    Allow your field teams to put their best foot forward, productively, every single day.

    Why choose LeadSquared mobile CRM?

    Out-of-the-box solution for all teams 

    Depending on your business type, you will have different kinds of employees on the field on any given workday. While sales agents are in majority, there’re other kinds of agents involved – vendor onboarding teams (in case you work with other businesses as partners), different types of operations teams (post-sales teams, collections teams in case of finance, verification teams or service teams). LeadSquared allows you an out-of-the-box solution for your unique field workforce requirements.

    Multi-lingual Solution

    Based on the location of your operations, multi-lingual agents might be driving your business. LeadSquared’s mobile app is available in different languages that allow all your agents to put your best foot forward

    Dynamic Geo-tracking

    Track your agents in real-time if they have their LeadSquared mobile app on them. You will be able to track their movement, their activities and more. You can also restrict meeting misrepresentation by disallowing them to sign-in for a meeting if they are not at the right location. 

    Day Plan Automation

    Make your field agents super-productive with day and route plans. Your agents would always know their work for the day, along with the most optimal routes planned for them. This allows them to concentrate on meeting more clients, and closing more deals, rather than planning their day.

    Next Meeting Recommendation

    Leads near me features allows your agents to identify other prospects in the vicinity and squeeze more meetings in their workday, making them more productive. Afterall, more well-timed meetings = Higher productivity + more closures.

    Low Network or Offline Connectivity

    A lot of times your teams would be stuck in low-network areas. LeadSquared mobile CRM app allows them to carry on with their work in such situations with no data or work loss. 

    Field Reports

    You will always know the work done by your field agents – the meetings they did, the routes they took, their closures, and more. Analyze performance and improve accordingly. Get higher productivity from your teams by giving them the right tool for success. 

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