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What are the benefits of using our b2b lead generation software?

In the present market, you might have understood the value of a good marketing database in order to secure your potential clients. Keeping that in mind, we have curated some of the best features that you need for anything a lead extractor software.

  • Redefined search for better results

With the help of our new and improved search algorithms, you can get better results for targeted keywords and industries. You can even search for multiple terms in one go to get more specific results. Unlike other b2b lead generation tools, here you can even see leads getting extracted in real time to see the efficiency of the software.

  • In-depth web scraping to deliver only the optimized leads

Most of the Tools available in the market only uses a few common websites for scraping the data. Our software focuses only on those websites which are trusted and authorized. Each data pickle by the tool is fully reliable and up to date.

  • More filters and criteria to refine your search

With a large number of predefined filters such as location, business domain, lead type, and available records, our tool is best suited for most types of business. Whether you are just getting started or need help promoting your existing business, we have the best lead extractor software at your service.

  • All in one integrated dashboard

You can look into all your previous searches with a [proper timeline, easy to understand statistics such as the total number of leads available and leads from last search operation, pending searches, and ongoing searches.

  • Multiple Saving Options

Businesses nowadays are moving more towards digital platforms and use different types of software and CRM to manage their businesses and customers’ acquisition. We make sure that ourlead extraction software is well suited to work with each of these software by allowing you to download the extracted lead in multiple formats.

  • User-friendly interface and one-click export option

Our software is designed in such a way that you and your team members can easily operate it without any special technical skills. You can easily get hold of the software from the first run as the options are clearly visible and the complete process of lead extraction is pretty simple.

  • Safe and Reliable

We make sure all the generated leads are copyright free and have full usage rights to keep you and your business safe from any sort of usage issues.

Dedicated Email and Social Media Extractor Tool

In the present day digital world, more and more businesses are active on social media and online platforms. Thus, with the help of our Facebook  Leads Extractor Tool, you can tap into your prospective clients on Facebook.

Apart from our best selling phone extractor tool, we even have a dedicated email extractor tool to help you generate a database for your next email marketing campaign. Each main is fully verified and reliable in terms of delivery. Take advantage of our state of the art software to help accomplish your business goals in a more efficient manner.

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