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Why is Integration of Call Centre with CRM important ?

21.01.22 01:55 PM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

If you are someone who works with the call centre crm , then you might be aware of the number of calls every call centre agent receives a day. For sure, all the calls are important as they are related to the business . These problems need to be resolved to achieve customer satisfaction and also to analyze the problems that are persistent with your business. The analysis will help us eradicate the problem which can help us grow. Now management of all these calls on a manual basis can be quite hectic , and you might lose some of the records since the number of callers are high and maintaining of every data related to them seems quite impossible until and unless you have a right tool at your doorstep. The right tool can be the CRM or customer relationship management software which upon integrating with your call centre business can help in effective management of these calls so that you can stay upright with your business goals and achievements. Handling of calls is made easier and it also prioritizes the calls on the basis of their urgency , this is why Binary Clues suggest that it is so important to integrate your call centre with the CRM software and below are some of the valuable insights on how CRM can change your call centre business in a positive way.

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1. Omnichannel Contact Management: Before reaching out to a call centre , the customer has already purchased the specific product of our company. Call centre CRM thus tracks the records of customer journeys throughout our company's website and accordingly studies them. This allows the employees to gather contextualised details about the customer using Omnichannel data and connectivity which further reduces customer efforts.

2. Intelligent Predictive Dialling: A lot of people aren't familiar with this word but Call Centre CRM certainly has identified the use of intelligent Predictive Dialling and it powers the same. It is a call centre functionality in which an automated dialler is active and dials numbers on the basis of outsourcing done by agents by studying an agent's calling patterns and historical customer behaviour. Predictive dialling is helpful in gaining access to the probable leads and converting them into sales.

3. Automated Communication: Call Centre CRM is beneficial in many ways by performing as a two way street. The information that your call centre CRM gathers is stored in the database and this can be used by your marketing and sales team as well. Call records are also fed into your customer database which can be used to follow them up for customer interaction. This way you can automate your process , for example the points we mentioned are based on repetitions and thus can be automated to contact or interact with customers.

4. First Call Resolution: As a customer , you would want your query to be solved at instant. You wouldn't want to wait for a queue and then probably get transferred to someone else which can obviously agitate you in the process.  This is where CRM equips call centre agents with necessary context and purchase information about customers so that their problems and issues can be solved and delivered during the first interaction they have with our business.

5. Prioritization: Since CRM is liable in gaining access to all the customers' databases, therefore before even receiving a call, it prioritizes them on the basis of their journey and the products they have been related with. This helps in solving their issues in real time which directly corresponds to having customer satisfaction at its level best.

Conclusion: By far, we have already learnt how beneficial it can be for your call centre business if you integrate it with CRM. Binary Clues is highly elated in acknowledging the need of CRM to your call centre and hence providing beneficial information is a part of our expertise. 

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