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How LinkedIn Just Made B2B Lead Generation a " Real-Time" Experience?

10.01.22 03:59 PM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

LinkedIn lead generation strategies have been effective in acquiring high quality leads and this is the reason why many individuals and business owners with the use of their CRM software have turned their heads towards LinkedIn. LinkedIn as an application is an aspiring job provider to the professionals all around the world but for B2B lead generation , it has become a benchmark since the information collected from LinkedIn is always considered to be the most authentic and verified one. This helps in creating high quality leads as well as turning them into paid customers of the business is more likely to happen. Also individuals on LinkedIn provide their previous history with other companies as well as their skill set and other information related with contact and email , which are also a medium to reach them. E-mail marketing has been flourishing since the last couple of years in the field of lead generation and is counted as the most important strategy of LinkedIn lead generation for B2B companies. Let's see how LinkedIn has changed the ways and made B2B lead generation a real time experience for its consumers.

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1. LinkedIn Messages : LinkedIn messaging system has now moved from an ineffective  version of professional email into a real-time live chat and text messaging type experience. It is also credited with green dots that tell you if another user is active right now or not on the LinkedIn platform. The real-time responsive nature of LinkedIn messaging gives you a great opportunity to engage with your ideal prospects online in a friendly fashion. LinkedIn has also took its messaging experience a step further by introducing "smart messaging" which are used to give instant replies that you can use based on what someone else has to inquire to you in his or her messages which indicates that a meaningful conversation is taking place and this is what we want to achieve.

2. Bringing 1 to 1 conversation in process : The ability to have the particulars which account to real-time response and actions goes on by having 1 on 1  conversations with your LinkedIn prospects. It also gives you a way to crack deals with prospective clients and customers before you amplify them to get down to business. The process of being able to quickly grasp and take an insight at an individual's LinkedIn profile to see where he/she lives, works, is professionally employed and their skill set etc , gives you more factors to initiate as conversation starters that follow the exact pattern you might come in light with while having a face-to-face corporate or office meeting.

3. Precise Targeting : Before starting each campaign for our business we tend to carefully consider which targeting parameters will be the most obvious choice that can be effective in reaching our targeted audience. For example , we can make use of multiple IT job titles to reach people with respective job titles, but we also should make sure that the information does not reach someone in IT with a totally different job profile or an individual who performs IT services with an not so related profile. One of the most common ways to address this is to use the function parameter instead of job titles. And with the help of strategic testing we can also determine which audiences and targeting parameter combinations generate the most positive results. So to portray this in a simple manner , create two campaigns with the same goals,  products , services, and budget and then assign each campaign a totally different target audience. This will automatically update you with the efficiency and parameters you should put while Targeting audience.

4. Account Based Marketing : Another amazing way to lure LinkedIn’s rigid targeting CRM  toolsis through the means of account targeting. Especially made for account based marketing an uploaded list of business user names will allow you to market a particular and specific companies only. LinkedIn will probably find matches amongst the nearly 30 million LinkedIn company pages available on their database for india in order to increase your match rate. Also plugin a homepage URL with each company name to distinguish their campaign if one is launched. LinkedIn recently introduced Lookalike Audiences which means that If you want to reach people that are similar to existing customers then it will upload your targeted prospects list and create a lookalike audience for your convenience.

Conclusion : 

Finally Binary Clues would conclude the blog by saying that if you are looking for high quality leads as well as want to excel in providing customer satisfaction , then LinkedIn is the tool you must prefer. 

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