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How A Data Extraction Tool Is Helpful

29.09.21 03:52 AM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

With the expansion of data, it becomes very difficult for organizations to collect enormous amounts of data and keep track of it at the same time manually, at each interaction point. Even if one relies on manual extraction of data, the work is humongous, time consuming and prone to errors from time to time.

This problem can easily be tackled with the installation of a Data extraction tool. It basically speeds up the process of useful data collection, providing enterprises with a better control over the flowing information from one point to the other.

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What is Data Extraction?

Data extraction is the first step in the process of digital marketing, it generally involves utilising multiple sources or channels to gather and retrieve data, it is done before the loading of data for further analysis and preparation of business database report.

Why is a Data extraction tool used?

Data extraction software or tools assist in automating the process of data collection and make it easy. These tools accurately and effectively read multiple databases, ERPs and CRMs, and consolidate the data found through each source.

Most of these tools possess the capability to collect information whether structured or not. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the wide range of data collected and produce a properly made report.

An extensive data extraction tool must be able to consolidate continuously evolving data from all the sources e.g. sites, emails, contacts of the leads.

Benefits of a Data Extraction Software 

A Data Extraction tool paves the way forward for a continuous automated and integrated process of collecting raw data at a single place. It helps an organization in the following ways:

  1. Management of business processes

 Data extraction tools utilize the data collected in many ways other than just identifying relevant data. A good Data extraction software can search and retrieve data that is public, for instance, on a certain insurance form and extract names, phone numbers, emails or addresses through the use of Robotic Process Automation and AI.

  1. Accuracy and efficiency 

Human beings tend to make errors regularly regardless of how precisely they are working, the increasing complexity and repetitive work make the system more prone to errors and delay.

Data Extraction tools provide high tech support that can handle the complex data during the whole process while removing the human errors at the same time.

They also contribute by automating the process and collecting only the most relevant data, so that scrap doesn't end up wasting the time during the report making process.

  1. Better control and Scalability 

Data Extraction software gathers data from multiple sources at a single place. This can help provide better control and easy management of data, plus it assists in limiting human errors with tiresome work, resulting in an increased amount of relevant data collection. 

It also provides interactive and intuitive tools with a user-friendly interface, so that people with minimal programming skills can run it.


With the increase in data and continuous growth in technology, it becomes quite difficult to collect data using old methods, you have to be creative otherwise you may end up with losses and your competitors getting ahead of you. This is why a Data extraction tool plays a crucial role and installing it can prove to be a great step. 

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