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Freshdesk Is Now Integrated with Capsule CRM

16.09.21 12:22 PM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

Freshdesk Is Now Integrated with Capsule CRM

A robust support system and sales network go hand-in-hand. Freshdesk is a key AI-based customer support service platform that provides an advanced solution for better customer experience and long-lasting relationships. 

On the same side, the capsule CRM serves you significant advantages and customer relationship management solutions used for task management and other activities. Both the platforms help maintain brand loyalty and strong relationship with the existing customers and build a brand reputation. 

The integration of both these software boasts you with several features which help to track several sales records and communication records. With the software integration, the sales and support team can easily assign tickets, tag, and prioritize the services.

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How to Install/Integrate Capsule CRM with Freshdesk? 

To install/integrate the Capsule CRM with the Freshdesk, you need to follow these steps. 

  • Authenticate the Freshdesk and Capsule CRM

  • Pick any of the apps of the other platforms as a trigger. This will help to boost up your communication. 

  • Now select the resulting action from the other applications 

  • After that, select the data that you need to send from one app to another 

  • You can now access the Capsule CRM contact information and tickets within the Freshdesk and provide customized customer services. 

Integrating the Capsule CRM with the Freshdesk will enable you to access all the information collected into the Capsule CRM tickets right at the desk. Apart from this, you can also fetch the consumer-related details directly into the capsule CRM for the tickets easily. You can fetch out the details from the Ticket View page given in the Freshdesk. 

To get the details, you can select the organizations and person fields right from the Capsule CRM and view them on the Freshdesk Ticket details and contact page. 

Choose the right integration feature-loaded tools that help handle customer support activities and allow you to communicate with existing clients. The integration is a beneficial solution for small to medium business companies that need to stay connected with the customers. 

Freshdesk and Capsule CRM Features 

The extensive features of the Freshdesk and Capsule CRM are as follows: 

Third-Party App Integration 

Freshdesk Hubspot integration and other party app integration services, tools, and various other applications help run the business smoothly and effectively. 

Manage Incoming Tickets 

The team inbox feature present in the Capsule CRM allows you to manage the incoming tickets. Moreover, the integration with the Freshdesk helps many companies to meet the deadline work and provide better solutions based on certain criteria such as urgency level and business hours. Apart from this, the AI-driven system will further ensure that multiple agents can resolve the issues. 

Better Insight 

The quick integration of both these tools gives you a complete analytic report and defines the business decision.Plus, the overall activities and metrics make it possible to take some initiatives towards the business's success. 


The integration of Capsule CRM with the Freshdesk is helpful to run the business smoother. This integration will further help to build trust between the customers and maintain the business reputation. In addition, it gives you a robust platform to handle all the activities. 

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