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EHow to Improve Your B2B Lead Quality?

25.07.22 07:30 PM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

B2B lead generation is not at all a difficult task to adhere to today. You can run Pay per click Advertisements, invest in social media or email campaigns and that can eventually generate B2B sales leads for your business. But the real thing starts when you have to convert those hot leads into your paying customers. Filtering the low-quality B2B sales leads and focusing on high-converting leads is the main hurdle that every business faces as of today. According to the Binary Clues marketing survey in 2022, 61% of marketers consider generating quality leads and traffic as their biggest challenge.

How To Improve B2B Lead Quality?

1. Building Own Buyer Persona: 

A buyer persona is considered as the component of an effective inbound marketing strategy. If you want to sell, then at first you need to find out who wants to buy your products or services. Knowing your consumers will allow you to target the relevant leads using personalized messages. A buyer persona is however a fictional characterization of your ideal customer. Once your marketing team knows who your target audience is, they can generate B2B leads targeted content that connects with your consumers.

2. Importance of Intent Data: 

After successfully creating an ideal buyer’s person, focus on gathering your targeted audience surfing time preference data. As stated above, buyer persona is a fictional information but you need solid intent data for quality lead generation. Intent data formalizes that a lead is in your sales cycle and it is interested in your services. Furthermore, businesses can manipulate intent data to know the original position of a lead in the sales funnel. Thus, you can target high and low convertible leads using separate marketing strategies.

3. Ideas Related With Account based Management Strategies: 

If you are not already experimenting with the ABM, then consider taking some inspiration from how ABM campaigns actually work. For a fact, 80% of marketers say that ABM improves their customer lifetime value and 90% also say it improves their win rates. As well as this, ABM also improves alignment between sales and marketing that will have benefits for your whole organization.

4. Build A Lead Scoring System: 

If  you are struggling with the quality of your lead, then you should consider investing in your lead scoring system. Lead Scoring system is something that you should be thinking of from the very start of your marketing campaigns and considering all the way until you close the sales funnel. Most good CRMs or customer relationship management software will have lead scoring built-in so you can assign value to specific actions and lead criteria. Your sales team can then prioritize leads who need to be engaged and reach out to those before engaging with accounts who have just entered your sales pipeline. A lead scoring model will thus help you build a clear picture of whether a potential prospect is ready to buy or not, if they have the revenue and if they will be a right fit for your product or service.


Most marketers and salespeople spend almost half of their resources on finding and contacting the leads but in the process they forget that lead qualification is a final destination to close the leads. Therefore, if you do not want to lose your potential prospects and waste time on irrelevant leads, Binary clues suggest you follow these B2B sales lead generation practices as soon as possible.

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