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Available CRM system integration for lead ads

29.12.21 07:59 AM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

Lead ads or lead advertisement is the process which allows you to find the best suited people who may be interested in your product and tends to gather necessary information from them. Integration of CRM with the businesses for lead ads is a simple way to bring the engagement of probable customers and leads. Though CRM is already fixed with the property of maintaining lead generation but with the integration it can offer additional benefits like traffic insight of a website and helps in management of social media advertising. Here we will have a glance at the CRM system that can easily integrate with lead ads and make our process more satisfying.

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1. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is a CRM system that is best for businesses who need a lead management platform and also want optimal data security. It has a strong ability to transfer mass data at one go and security options for data are available at a rather cheaper price. It automatically captures leads  from the website with which it is linked and it can also be pre-programmed according to the type of integration it will have with the following website.

2. Salesforce.

Salesforce is best recommended for organizations who want to have a customized platform for their sales process which further helps in intensifying the lead ads process. It is also easy to manage since the platform itself is a tutorial too. It can also be customized with a lot of options available for the same.

3. Agile CRM

It is one of the most popular CRM system for integration since it provides easy access to a strong set of features. It also has a great mobile responsiveness which is a key feature in involving a customer from anywhere. The system makes it easy to enhance contact records of a customer and it can also monitor automated processes for trends , brand mentions and key influencers for a particular advertisement.

4. Zoho CRM.

If you want a low cost setup with a lot of features for your startup business , then Zoho CRM should be an obvious choice. It offers an intuitive interface and free options for pricing are also available if you want to choose it. It also has great sales automation features , with real time sales reports available at a click. Additional features include communication channels such as phone , live chat , email , social media , self service , and web conferencing.

5. Freshsales.

If you want strategic planning for your sales and advertisement analysis , then Freshsales is a great choice to go with , for your organization. It also has strong customization options available , and it is free for an unlimited number of users. Since it is focused on sales and analytics therefore it handles the mass customization for modules , language , currency type and sales activities. It also provides best insight for your sales and reporting. It works along with the sales team and helps them understand the product automation feature.


Integration with lead ads is a sensitive process and hence it requires a special system with a lot of features at your pricing to provide you the maximum benefit. Costing might not be a problem in most cases but as you grow you will need more customization . For more information and related queries to this topic, you can freely contact us anytime at Binary Clues . We aim to serve you with the best services.

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