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8 reasons why you need to use Zoho Desk for Customer Support

26.12.21 08:51 AM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

Customer support is an important and valuable part of every business and if a customer has a problem with your products and services , he or she will most likely would like to get in touch to enquire more about the problems and ask for relevant solutions. If you won't respond in time , it can cause major harm to your business as you will lose a customer who was already the consumer of your products. It definitely leaves a bad impression as well as defines our weakness as a business. If you as a business have aimed at providing the best customer support and services , then it will benefit you by rewarding more growth and productivity. Now the question that arises is which is the best customer support service software solution ? Well to answer this , our experts at Binary Clues have thoroughly revised the market and came to a conclusion that Zoho Desk can be an overall solution to all your customer support needs. Here are the 8 reasons which glorify the need to introduce Zoho Desk for your business.

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1. Automatic Notifications : Tickets are a way by which customer support service software solutions indicate the customers , whether they are leads or existing ones. These tickets signify the importance of a customer's needs to our teams and hence therefore they can resolve the issues or reach out to them in real quick time. Instant responsiveness creates a sense of security and trust in customers mind and hence they can be retained easily.

2. Direct Connectivity : Using a Zoho Desk platform , you can directly reply to the customer using the same interface. This means you won't have to search for other means of platforms to reach out to them . This makes the processing real quick and smooth.

3. Setting up SLAs : SLA or Service Level Agreement are a key concept in customer support service and with the use of this you can set timers and reminders to reply to certain customers when we automatically receive the tickets. In case the SLA is not met or does the necessary work , the event will itself be highlighted in red colour to depict the work not done.

4. Creation of Modules : Zoho Desk allows you to keep customer data into different sections and you can personalize these sections depending on a customer's profile. These separate sections are known as modules. Profiles indicating contact and account details of a person are also known as contact module and account module respectively.

5. Summarized Reports : You can also create a detailed analysis of how the tickets were approached and what happened to all the tickets we have received at the end of the day or when a certain project gets completed. This will allow you to have a deep insight on how your particular business module is working.

6. Integration : Since Zoho Desk comes under the supervision of Zoho crm corporation therefore it can integrate with other Zoho applications and third party apps for seamless integration and more flexibility.

7. Knowledge Base : Zoho Desk allows you to create a set of questions and documents that guide you to the ultimate user guide experience of a business. It is particularly more of a FAQ to clear out the queries of an individual when they take an interest in our business and services.

8. Blueprints and workflow : Zoho desk allows you to automate your tasks with the help of blueprints and workflow. Blueprints are used for transition in which you can segregate every stage of customer care support to analyze how each phase is working. These actions however turn into a smooth workflow thus providing more flexibility.

Conclusion : Apart from all the reasons we have mentioned , Zoho desk comes under Zoho one corporation and it is one of the most popular and recognized software solutions in the market. An additional benefit that you can use for your business. 

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