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8 Benefits Of Using Zoho CRM For Your Business

31.12.21 04:25 PM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

One of the most leading CRM software used by over 15 million companies all around the world and the software is none other than Zoho CRM. It is a cloud based software platform which can help a business of any size whether small , medium or large are benefitted through this. From managing your lead generation process till the sales is completed , zoho CRM remains intact with your business and well even after that too. It doesn't need any recognition to be known and thus we can feel that there are many advantages to this particular tool. Maintaining a healthy relationship between the customer and the business is the basic aim of any CRM , but Zoho CRM along with this also tags along more beneficial features. As an official consultant of ZohoCRM , Binary Clues would like to mention 8 benefits of using a Zoho CRM for your business.

1. Simple and Easy to go Interface: Many of the CRM software require a special skill set for a person to run them but Zoho CRM is an user friendly and easily accessible platform. You can view your data in just a few clicks and this is what makes it unique. Apart from this it also gives you real time access to client databases , customer reviews and support , lead generation process and many more. To help one getting used to Zoho , it also carries an inbound training which helps one understand the tools and services which Zoho CRM can offer.

2. Integration: Integration is one of the must have properties since it opens up the opportunity to have an alliance with other industries and communication channels. Zoho marketplace is a feature that lets us choose the right party or alliance that may benefit us and thus it can be added to our CRM as a plugin. The more important thing is that almost all of them are available free of cost, therefore providing seamless integration.

3. Omnichannel Communication: Omnichannel means to have a lot of channels which can communicate through Zoho CRM for easy accessibility and real time interactions. It is thus clear that Zoho CRM can be accessed from anywhere at any time since it is available on different communication channels , be it social media or their own mobile application , they can surround you everywhere for smooth flow of operations.

4. Automation: There are things under the CRM which need to be repeated daily or on a regular basis. This can be anything, whether in the sales process or while generating leads. Now what Zoho CRM does is , it's automation tool identifies the tasks to be repeated and automatically sets a reminder or task controller to schedule that activity at the same time thus saving time and money in the process.

5. Insights: Providing a complete insight of how your business is working at different stages of process is what Zoho CRM does best. This will not only allow you to enhance efficiency but you will also be able to identify the weak and strong points of your business.

6. Reports and Analytics: Daily reports and analysis about how your business teams are working is one of the major reasons to introduce Zoho CRM into your business. These reports are based on your daily performance and help in generating ROI or return on investment.

7. Use of Conversational AI: Just like many mobile devices have their own talking AI , Zoho sites CRM's AI is called zia. It can gather all the necessary information you need and would also envision your sales activities . Zia is considered to be a highly interactive and informative colleague and thus you can gather more information from the conversational AI.

8. Affordable Pricing: What's more surprising is that , Zoho one crm offers all of these features at affordable pricing and thus does not hinder the budget of your business . It is also available for a free trial and then you can use it as pay to have service.


There's so much more to the advantages of having a Zoho CRM but let's just acknowledge the basic points Binary Clues have mentioned to make you realize how important it is for one to introduce Zoho CRM for their business.

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