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Regular customer inflow is very crucial for a business to survive. So, good lead generation techniques must be implemented, otherwise there is a chance of incurring losses.

Email lead generation 

Let us first understand the term email lead generation. Email lead generationis a way through which leads are collected using an email opt in form. Once, someone enters their information in the online form provided, a lead is supposed to be captured. 

The process doesn't end after the form gets filled. After the collection of information, it is important to nurture leads using specific strategies so that the leads get converted into customers.

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A good email lead generation technique helps in:

  1. Targeting desired customer base

  2. Creating and boosting your brand appearance 

Email Marketing techniques for online lead generation 

There are numerous ways a company can generate leads through email but 5 of the most effective techniques have been listed below. It is essential to follow these to maintain a continuous flow of leads.

  1. Optimization 

Reaching an accurate audience at the right time with the most appropriate message is a very important part. Capturing high quality prospects can be done through email automation and optimization. There are a few ways to do that. For example:

  • Offering discounts 

  • Pop ups

  • Cashback offers

  • Incentive based referrals etc.

You can easily send bulk emails through automation, by setting timers and scheduling. All this positively impacts lead generation. 

  1. Clear and direct mails

During the lead generation process, it is very crucial that the design of your email isn't confusing and tacky templates or fonts aren't used. This can be done through clear and short emails that are enough to grab the attention of your leads. Use of plain fonts, simple designs that are easy to read, well spaced formatting and easy to see the CTA button can take your lead generation game up a notch. 

  1. Catchy subject line and strong Call-to-action button

It is a good way to attract leads using subject lines that instigate a sense of curiosity or give a sense of surprise. Use bold fonts, emojis etc. To capture attention. This technique can increase the email open rates.

Another important factor to keep in mind is the CTA button. It should be clear, action oriented,  short and create a sense of urgency to make leads realise they are missing out on something good. 

  1. Gated content and upgrade

It is considered to be one of the fastest ways to capture leads. A gated content can only be accessed after the viewer enters their contact information and you can use that to provide content upgrades, so that the user is compelled to sign up to an email list. For example, after a visit to your website you can ask them to fill up the email form to get a full view of a specific content they are searching for. 

  1. Valuable content

One of the least utilized resources for email lead generation is valuable content. Many think that stuffing up the whole email with words is a good way to attract prospects, that isn't the case. In reality, only good quality content is going to help you gain trust of clients, not a long one. Put up concise emails with, to the point material.

To sum up:

All the 5 ways are very different yet helpful for a great lead generation process. Email lead generation is the most frequently used method and if done properly, can help your company increase the profits subsequently.

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