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10 Zoho CRM Mistakes That Are Slowing You Down!

23.08.21 09:25 AM Comment(s) By Admin BinaryClues

Zoho CRM is the best customer relationship management software that allows you to run your business smoother. However, if you make a few mistakes while using the Zoho CRM, you probably face the business's downfall. Want to know what the common mistakes that let your business down are? 

Read the post below and know about the 10 Zoho CRM mistakes which may leave a significant impact on your business. 

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Nurturing a Lead When You Already Have An Existing Contact

Not using the existing leads correctly and creating the new leads is the common mistake that business clients make. The duplicate leads only turn out to be miserable and don't give you the results that you are expecting. So, make sure to search for quality leads before you fetch them out again. 

Neglecting the Search Button 

The majority of the consumers forget to use the search navigation button. The search button is crucial to running the system effectively and searching the global records quickly. The search button is visible on the dashboard all the time. So, you can access it quickly and apply a filter to narrow down the search. 

Forget to Integrate the Emails into Zoho CRM 

Email serves as the biggest communication channel that allows you to capture the leads, communicate with existing clients and build trust. Therefore, neglecting the email integration may reduce the flow of consumers, and the possibility is there, you may lose existing leads too. Hence, it is helpful to integrate the emails into the CRM.

Disregarding the Activities Modules

You must plan the activities module before you initiate any work. However, most business individuals who are accessing to the Zoho CRM fail to plan the activity module, which may impact the business flow. So, make sure to plan your task through Zoho CRM to initiate the flow of business. 

Neglecting Email templates from Zoho CRM

When you send the emails from the Zoho CRM, make sure to use the email templates to make them impressive and integrated. Some readers often eliminate those emails and block the contact if the format is inaccurate or not impressive. The Zoho CRM also uses the tracking feature to ensure that the emails reach the right consumers. 

Take Record Ownership for Granted

In Zoho CRM, each record is owned by the users, and if the module of the Agency CRM is set to the private mode, then access is limited to the owner record. However, sometimes the record privacy can be superseded if you are sharing valuable information to multiple people. Therefore, it is helpful if you do not take the record ownership for granted. 

Fails to Use the Zoho CRM Mobile App

Zoho CRM provides several features, including mobile apps that help to manage the task easily and allow you to work remotely. However, sometimes the users cannot access the mobile app accurately, which may leave a significant impact on the business. 

Zoho CRM apps are an accessible way to explore the data easily and handle all the tasks easily, such as Zoho Card Scanner Mobile App, Artificial Intelligence, Google Assistance, and many more.

Accessing to the Wrong Field Types

A lot of business entrepreneurs make common mistakes while using the Zoho CRM. One of the common mistakes is accessing the wrong field type. This mistake may create a lot of errors during reporting and doesn't maintain the reliability of the business

Incorrect Configuring GDPR Setting 

GDPR setting stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, which protects the consumers in the EU mandates law and allows users to access data in limit. But, if you turn the configuration in the wrong manner, you probably lose the authenticity of the data. So, be careful while using and configuring the GDPR setting.

Using Things Manually

Zoho CRM is specially used to manage the data of the customers and secure the sales automatically. But some users still do a few tasks manually, which is cumbersome and consumes time too. So, do not forget to automate the task and leverage the features of the Zoho CRM. 

Final Thoughts 

So, these are a few mistakes made by a lot of business entrepreneurs while using the Zoho CRM. If you are struggling to maintain the workflow even after using the Zoho CRM, then make sure to avoid these mistakes. 

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