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Why you should buy Database from BinaryClues?

A question you should ask us..
Sales and marketing professionals are looking for right contacts to run their campaigns and they invest huge amount of time in targeting wrong target audience selection but now BinaryClues helps you in providing the right contact information of your customers with correct email addresses and phone numbers, location and job title with min. accuracy of 95% or above. This helps you in proper campaign planning and touching the customers effectively during the customer life cycle.

Actionable Sales and Marketing contacts for your campaigns

BinaryClues is a game changer for marketing, sales professionals who are looking to find right contacts and with the help of in house research team who search the data and validates all the old contacts every quarter.

We assure our customers about the authenticity of our database by providing datasets with Linkedin url which helps customers run the effective campaigns.

Intelligent Contact Tool

Our tools are intelligent and user friendly and alert us in finding the new contacts getting added in the database

Verified Linkedin contacts

Our contacts not only have email and phone numbers but also have Linkedin verified url which keeps our customers happy and help them plan efficient and effective campaign.

Continuous Data Refresh

We have been doing a continuous data refresh and helps you in getting best of the contacts. This ensures the integrity of the database and eliminates your chances of buying inadequate contacts.

New Intelligent Contacts Alert

Our team continuous efforts for updating new and existing contacts helps you get an option to use the new contacts alert. Our team updates you about the new or existing contacts getting updated which helps you to leverage those new contacts for your marketing and sales campaigns.

Customize your Dashboard

BinaryClues technology team gives an option to make your own list and also enables you create the best of the contact list with the wide data range available with us. Easy filter and selection options helps you choose the contacts of your interest and industry.

  • Enterprise
    • Mid-market
    • SMB
    • Government & Educational
  • Marketing
    • Digital marketing
    • E-commerce
    • Advertising, and more.
  • Finance
    • Corporate controllers
    • Banking
    • Insurance
  • Healthcare

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