Enrich and Empower


The reason why sellers spend so less time on selling is because they spend most of their time on research to find the right contact details for their prospect customers, in doing so they end up finding suspect customers details. Scout and find the right data and contact details for your customers, thus help yourself save time and focus on your prospect customers.


We not only help you focus on building your pipeline but we also provide you with the best of the Fortune 1000 companies database to target your customers effectively and efficiently. Create your own customized list, get connected with the decision makers, profile your customers, save targeted searches and drive value to your marketing & sales.


The database offers you an opportunity to identify and contact only those contacts who have the more propensity to buy your product. Clean your data before running a campaign with our analytics and predictive capabilities which will help you target the right people and saves your time and cost for running your campaigns. Afterwards, build interactive dashboard report of your email campaigns to find out the success rate.


We have been instrumental in providing contacts not only for managers and above but also for decision makers like CEO, CMO, to VPs, Directors and Founders. Expand your database with either validated emails, telemarketing contacts or with Linkedin url to target what you need. Identify the contacts which can be decision makers or influencers for your