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India Executive B2B Email List

India is the second most populous nation and is on track to overtake China by 2050. Presently there are 1.35 BILLION people in India of which 45% are under the age of 25. That’s about 700 million people under 25! India’s real growth GDP in 2018 was a very healthy 7.2% so its world ranking was 6 among Top Trillion Dollar Economy.

Top Indian Cities B2B Email List

Segmentation of India database by Department or Function

  1. B2B India Engineering Email List database
  2. B2B India Finance Email List database
  3. B2B India HR Email List database
  4. B2B India IT Email List database
  5. B2B India Legal Email List database
  6. B2B India Marketing Email List database
  7. B2B India Media & Communication Email List database
  8. B2B India Operations Email List database
  9. B2B India Product Management Email List database
  10. B2B India Program & Project Management Email List database
  11. B2B India Purchasing Email List database
  12. B2B India Quality Assurance Email List database
  13. B2B India Real Estate Email List database
  14. B2B India Research Email List database
  15. B2B India Sales/Business Development Email List database
  16. B2B India Senior Management Email List database

Data Compliance and Policies in India

India adopted the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules. These rules state that written consent must be obtained from the data subject prior to adding them to the emailing list. Non-compliance can be costly – fines and time in jail are in the cards for those who fail to comply.

Our Indian email marketing list comprises of individuals who work in various industries such as construction, energy, engineering services, financial services, food and drink, health care, manufacturing, retail, supply chain, technology and hospitality. The executives in our India email lists & database are spread across different job roles such as senior management, finance, information, technology, operations, purchasing, administration and human resources, as well as sales and marketing and supply chain.

Segmentation of Contacts by Industries

  1. B2B India Business Services Email List database
  2. B2B India Automotive Email List database
  3. B2B India Banking + Financial Services Email List database
  4. B2B India Media & Publishing Email List database
  5. B2B India  Information Technology  Email List  database
  6. B2B India  Construction  Email List  database
  7. B2B India  Consumer Goods & Services  Email List  database
  8. B2B India  Manufacturing  Email List  database
  9. B2B India  Government  Email List  database
  10. B2B India  Education  Email List  database
  11. B2B India  Healthcare  Email List  database
  12. B2B India  Hospitality & Travel  Email List  database
  13. B2B India  Human Resources  Email List  database
  14. B2B India  Industrial Automation  Email List  database
  15. B2B India  Insurance  Email List  database
  16. B2B India  Investment Banking & Venture Capital  Email List  database
  17. B2B India  Law Practice + Legal Services  Email List  database
  18. B2B India  Supply Chain & Logistics  Email List  database
  19. B2B India  Marketing & Advertising  Email List  database
  20. B2B India  Mining & Metals  Email List  database
  21. B2B India  Nonprofit Organization Management  Email List  database
  22. B2B India  Oil & Energy + Renewables & Environment + Utilities  Email List  database
  23. B2B India  Pharmaceuticals  Email List  database
  24. B2B India  Public Relations & Communications  Email List  database
  25. B2B India  Real Estate  Email List  database
  26. B2B India  Research  Email List  database
  27. B2B India  Retail  Email List  database
  28. B2B India  Telecommunications + Wireless  Email List  database
  29. B2B India  Warehousing  Email List  database
  30. B2B India  Wholesale  Email List  database