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Freshteam Recruiting Software- Make Your Recruiting Process Hassle-Free

Recruiting software is an automated cloud-based software that uses AI for the hiring and recruiting process. With this Freshteam software, you can streamline the operational task process so that the HR and recruiters can have straightforward focus on what matters a lot.


HR dashboard, analytics, and reports display candidates' data and transform from the candidate's profile into a centralized view and save a lot of time. Also, with Freshteam, your recruiting team can advertise the job and publish job posts on various channels, including social media, career sites, and employee portals.


We provide the most comprehensive HR software that helps you collaborate with the recruiting team to find the most suitable candidate and help schedule the interview and make impressive offers. 

Streamline Your Process of Recruiting with Freshteam Integrations 

Binary Clues provides you the best HR software that helps store and manage the candidate's resume. With Freshteam, you can track, parse, and analyze the resume automatically. Moreover, the recruitment software allows you to schedule the interview and block your interview dates and get the feedback on time.

Everything About the Recruiters and Candidates at One Place 

Without wasting time, use the software, and look out straight to the information about recruiting. In the Freshteam software, every candidate has their profile. In one place, you will get information and the company's history on time. From emails to interview feedback to resume and hiring team communication, you will get everything on your fingertips.

To avoid redundancy, the Freshteam features allow you to avoid the duplicate contact details and focus on the system's main profile. In this way, no matter how many times a candidate applies for the particular job, their one profile will exist in software for the recruiter.

Bring Insight to the HR Dashboard 

In 2020, take yourself one step ahead and use the recruiter CRM software team's data to improve the decision-making process quickly. Freshteam has a suite that brings insight into the HR dashboard. The out of the box reports help to start with the HR data analytic report. Besides that, you can manage and fast forward the workflow at earliest.

Collaborate with the HR Team Online 

Collaborating with the HR team online with this Freshteam is a great deal. It will streamline your whole recruiting process and help you to collect the feedback from the hiring team. You will get profile screening, schedule interviews of the candidates, and be a part of the conversation effortlessly. Whether it is on your phone or the web, you will get everything to streamline effortlessly.

Moreover, you can automate the email notification, send it within a minute, and send the new application and schedule the interview.

Get the Best Career Site

Binary Clues helps design customized software that allows you to create a career site and attract your candidates that speak volumes about your recruiting and employer brandings. Freshteam software is easy to use and highly affordable, which helps to make your recruiting process effortless.

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