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Being the excellent Freshmarketer partners, Binary Clues integrates with the Freshsales that allows you to gain visibility and turn activities on your emails and website into leads. It is one of the best marketing automation software that would enable users to track marketing & sales and set up a unique data platform. 


The dual Freshmarketer integration not only improves sales productivity but also allows the whole process set on a single platform. 

Why Choose Binary Clues as Freshmarketer Partners? 

Binary Cluesprovides the web conversion software that helps to target customers better in a personalized way. With greater visuality into the email messaging that is subjected to leads, you can create customized emails and automate the whole process. 


It helps to increase the conversation chances between you and the customers. This, in turn, improves sales and grows your business. 

You Can Close More Deals with Software Integration. 

Our team is armed with a better framework on your leads. With them, you can better target the prospects, engage relevant conversation, and help close deals faster. It helps to gain more customers and expand your business. 

What can you get with Freshmarketer Integration? 

Sync Contacts in Real-Time 


The email marketing software allows us to sync email contacts in real-time in Freshmarketer with the Freshsales CRM. The syncing of the emails is either bi-directional or unidirectional. 


With this software program, you will be able to track sales and marketing throughout the customer interaction. The real-time syncing of contacts allows you to turn your visitors into the customers. 


Control Your Data 


The Freshsales and Freshmarketer help to pause and disconnect from the data instantly. Moreover, you can also get the flexibility in mapping the data and specified details of your respective contacts with field mapping to Freshsales CRM. 


Manage the Unsubscribe and Leads Privacy 


Binary Clues offers email marketing software that helps to improve communication with the users. Consumers can easily exclude email outputs by using email marketing software. It will allow you to hold lead data privacy. This will help to keep CRM clutter-free and completely automate the process. 


With Freshmarketer integration, you can easily manage the email unsubscribe and timely update the list as to whom you want to keep in contact and whom you want to eliminate. Initially, without this, software users face deliverability issues. 


Thanks to Binary Clues, the experienced Freshmarketer Partners, who provide the affordable and best marketing automation software that helps create leads and nurture marketing campaigns. 


Generate Leads Automatically with Freshmarketer


Binary Clues helps improve interactions with the help of email marketing software, manage websites, and divert the leads into the customers who aren't ready to divert. Also, you can timely update the deal values directly from the Freshmarketer. 


We significantly help our elite clients to manage their sales integration and automate the email marketing process to improve interaction and sales. So, if you also want to take the leverage of our services, join us to get the best software plans and improve business interaction. 

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