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Freshcaller Software Solution- The Smartest Way of Integrating Your Business Phone Team to Manage Consumers

Phone system & call center software integration helps businesses launch, manage, and set-up their call center from their existing Freshcaller desk. And this Freshcaller is one of the best cloud-based software that allows you to set your call center business within two minutes.

The businesses can focus solely on scaling up without any hassles and complexities. So, you can manage your call center accurately. This Freshcaller solution aims to set the most profound call center with integrated features of the Freshcaller within your Freshdesk support ecosystem.

We at Binary Clues provide you the best Freshcaller feature software that makes your call center setting process easier and quicker. We have innovative software experts who help in designing the customized integrated software.

What Freshcaller Features You Will Get in This Software? 

Binary Clues gives access to the following features that allow you to have a better call center. The features that you will get are as follows: 

  • You will have toll-free numbers and local numbers from 50 plus different countries. 

  • You can have customer greeting texts that are based upon the specific call scenarios. 

  • You can handle all the outgoing and incoming calls by using the Freshcaller’s IVR system. 

  • You will get the smart escalation so that you can handle all the calls that you haven’t attended yet. 

  • You can answer the calls from your dashboard of Freshdesk.

  • You can instantly convert the calls into the tickets.

  • The missed calls and voicemails will also be converted into the tickets automatically.

  • All the recordings and call notes also are added to the tickets.

  • Moreover, you can answer your calls within your Freshdesk account and also forward them on the mobiles. 

Enable Your Phone Calling Team to Work from Remote Zones 

For a business, it is essential that your phone calling team is ready to work from the remote zones. So, this Freshcaller software gives you the flexibility to break free from the desk and work from anywhere.

With this, you can run and manage your phone operation effortlessly even while working from your home zones and remote areas.

Empower Your Customer Through Voicebots 

We provide you with customized integrated Freshcaller software with a call routing engine for smart escalations, IVRs. These things help to transfer the calls, conference calls, and other things with customers. 

Now with this software, you don’t need to worry about the unanswered calls and phones anymore. So, you can focus on resolutions and responses to support your conversation. 

Most of the Voice Bots solutions need coding and are cumbersome to manage your phone calling work. Our team designates the most profound Voicebots solution to track the intent, engage with your customers, and resolve their queries faster.

Enjoy Our Exclusive Services and Expand Your Business with Us 

Our services and Freshcaller solutions allow you to expand your customer needs accurately. Binary Clues provides you with a flexible platform with an API system for automating the workflow and smart analytic. If you think of Freshcaller pricing, then it fits your budget nicely.

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