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Best Facebook Data Extraction Software

FB Leads Extractor is a reliable and powerful tool to extract contact details of businesses and individuals from the Facebook platform. With easy to use options, you can use is as your primary lead generation software and get all the required details including email addresses, websites, phone numbers, URL, map link, and even number of likes in pages and business profiles.

Facebook Lead Extractor Tool
Facebook Lead Extractor Tool

Benefits of Using Our Facebook Lead Extractor Tool

As a business owner, you need access to a reliable database of potential leads for your marketing team to promote your sales and brand among your targeted audience. With the help of our FB lead extractor software, you can generate real data in real time, without wasting much time in the process o0f manual collection of such data.

  • Extract Relevant Data:

With thousands of satisfied clients, we take pride in claiming our software as the top FB Lead Extractor tool. Despite offering a large dataset for each of your requests, the offered leads are highly accurate and fresh to avoid any sort of dead leads.

  • Get Access To Unlimited Email Database:

Our facebook extractor also serves as an email lead generation software and allows you to get mail addresses of your relevant audience to help you in email campaigns and other online marketing purposes.

  • Location Based Data:

One of the major benefits of using the Facebook Data Extractor tool is the ability to restrict the scrapping process to a particular location. This comes real handy when you are planning to reach out to a specific audience from a particular geographical location and generate better results.

  • Local Storage Options:

Once you have generated enough leads from Facebook, you get the option to save your files locally and use it as per your requirements at any point in time. Added to that, you get the option to save the data in multiple file formats such as EXCEL, PDF, TXT, and CSV.

  • Unlimited Records:

Our FB Lead Extractor tool comes with unlimited usage rights and flexibility to help your business generate unlimited leads. You can input multiple keywords at once or generate leads related to specific keywords one at a time.

  • One Click Access:

To make the process hassle free for our consumers, we have simplified the process of extracting leads from Facebook. YOu can get up and running within just a few clicks. Contact our sales team to learn more about the process.

B2B Lead Generation and Email Extractor Software from Facebook

Facebook lead extractor software is an innovative solution to meet the requirements of businesses in terms of marketing needs. You can generate both B2B as well as individual leads for your business specific needs. We have purposely created a ready-to-use tool to help you get started quickly with the data scraping process. The generated leads are well organized and free from duplicity as the software eliminates duplicate data during the extraction process. If you are looking for a reliable Facebook extractor tool, you should probably give it a try. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and versatile. Contact us today to book your free demo.