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Database on Rent/Installments

Q. What does 'Database on rent model' or 'data for use model' means?

A. Valid Only for purchases above 10,000+ Contacts for dollar payments only

Example: For a bulk purchase of 10,000 contacts at a total cost of $3900:

  • 50% of the data will be released to the customer at a cost of $1600
  • The next 25% data would be released at a cost of $ 1600
  • The next 25% data would be released at a cost of $ 700

Benefits for Customers:

  • Customer Saves money.
  • Customer can stop paying if data quality is not good. 
  • What you get is data first to test and try.
  • Repeat customer for bulk purchase will get best discounts.
  • Request back for new emails in replace of bounce emails before giving more money to the vendor and saves money and get best emails.

Renting Model example in simple words:  

Customer has to make payment in three small steps and their money is safeguarded:  

No. of Payment Amount Paid by Customer Contacts Received by Customer
 First Payment $1600  5000
 Second Payment $1600   2500
 Third Payment $700   2500

*Above example valid for 10,000+ contacts purchased @$0.39 per contact

Database on Rent/Installments Pricing

For more information about database pricing, Please refer http://www.binaryclues.com/database-contacts-pricing.html