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Database Contacts Pricing - Except India

 Bronze Silver Gold Diamond   Platinum
Number of Contacts100 to 1000  1,001 to 5,0005001 to 50,00050,001 to 200,000        200,000+
 Price per Contact $0.49 $0.39 $0.29 $0.19         $0.09

  • Planning Indian B2B Database Purchase, Please contact at +91-9311536852 for pricing
  • Prices may change any time as per management discretion
  • BinaryClues reserves the right to withdraw the current pricing anytime
  • Pricing would not change once the formal proposal is sent by BinaryClues
  • If you have bulk contacts requirement, Please send an email at info@binaryclues.com 

All Database pricing Plans are inclusive of:

  • Get access to the entire GLOBAL repository of more than 8 Million up-to-date Business Contacts
  • We provide Downloadable contacts in XLS and/or CSV format for easy upload to your marketing or CRM system
  • Be a BinaryClues reseller instantly
  • 20% Commission out of referrals total purchase more than 20,000 contacts