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The course is aimed to gain the expertise, ramp-up the technical team in the field for the Digital Signal Processing. This course will help the experienced team to get polished their advanced concept and procedures to work on different techniques in DSP and implementation in their projects.


  • To speed up the ramp-up process in the company, who is going to work on DSP projects
  • How to work on advanced concepts and technology, in the field of DSP
  • Tools and Simulators to design and implementation of DSP concepts
  • Solving the complex mathematical equations and different filters designing in DSP
  • Analyzing the signal response and DSP theory analysis
  • Selection of target platform, aligned to the customer's need, considering the DSP one of the phase in project, hardware practicality and basic throughput analysis.

Course Details

Digital Signal Processing Introduction: The Roots of DSP in Telecommunications, Audio Processing, Image Processing, Statistics, Probability and Noise, Signal and Graph Terminology, Mean and Standard Deviation, The Histogram, Pmf and Pdf, The Normal Distribution, Digital Noise Generation, Precision and Accuracy, Quantization, Sampling, A/D and Analog Filters for Data Conversion, Selecting The Antialias Filter, Multirate Data Conversion, Single Bit Data Conversion, Fixed and Floating numbers and precision. 1-Day



Discrete signals and systems: Signals and Systems, Linear and Nonlinear Systems and properties, Superposition: the Foundation of DSP, Common Decompositions, Convolution, Correlation, The Delta Function and Impulse Response, The Sum of Weighted Inputs, i/p and o/p Side Algorithm, The Discrete Fourier Transform, Real DFT, The Frequency Domain's, Synthesis, Calculating the Inverse DFT. 2-Days


Frequency analysis of Discrete Signals and DSP theory: Duality, Polar Notation, Polar Nuisances, Spectral Analysis of Signals, Frequency Response of Systems, Convolution via the Frequency Domain, Fourier Transform Properties, Compression and Expansion, Multirate methods, Multiplying Signals (Amplitude Modulation), Parseval's Relation, Delta Function Pairs, The Sinc Function, Gibbs Effect, Harmonics, Chirp Signals, FFT, Real DFT Using the Complex DFT, The Fourier Transform, and Fourier Series. 2-Days


Digital filters design and methods: Descimation and Interpolation filter design, Introduction to Digital Filters and basics, Time Domain Parameters, Frequency Domain Parameters, High-Pass, Band-Pass and Band-Reject Filters, Filter Classification, Moving Average Filters, Implementation by Convolution, Noise Reduction vs. Step Response, Frequency Response, Relatives of the Moving Average Filter, Recursive Implementation, Windowed-Sinc Filters, Strategy of the WindowedSinc,Custom Filters, Arbitrary Frequency Response, Deconvolution, Optimal Filters, FFT Convolution, The Overlap-Add Method. FFT Convolution, Recursive Filters, Single Pole Recursive Filters, Narrow-band Filters, Phase Response, Chebyshev Filters, The Chebyshev and Butterworth Responses, Designing the Filter, Step Response Overshoot, Stability, Filter Comparison, Analog vs. Digital Filters, Windowed-Sinc vs. Chebyshev, Moving Average vs. Single Pole. 3-Days



Advanced DSP applications: Audio Processing, Human Hearing, Timbre, Sound Quality vs. Data Rate, High Fidelity Audio, Companding, Speech Synthesis and Recognition, Nonlinear Audio Processing, Spatial Resolution, Sample Spacing and Sampling Aperture, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Morphological Image Processing, Data Compression Strategies, Run-Length Encoding, Huffman Encoding, Delta Encoding, LZW Compression, JPEG (Transform Compression), MPEG, Circular Buffering, The Complex Fourier Transform, The Complex DFT, The Laplace Transform, The Importance of Poles and Zeros, Filter Design in the s-Domain, The z-Transform, The Nature of the zDomain, Analysis of Recursive Systems, Cascade and Parallel Stages, Spectral Inversion, Gain Changes, Pulse compression techniques, modeling, Clutter modeling, Detection of Signal embedded in clutter, Target tracking algorithms (1st order, 2nd order, higher orders) 4-Days​

Who Should Attend

  • Advanced and experienced team working in the filed of DSP
  • Software Engineers, who want to change their domains to DSP domain
  • Students, who want to aim DSP as their future technology
  • Team ram-up for the startup and grownup companies for their staff to polish in the field of DSP​


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What types of courses are offered by BinaryClues?

Exclusive DevOPs and many other IT courses which are customized courses as per customer requirements


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Payments can be made using the following option: Wire transfer


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Receipt will be issued to the candidate by via email.

Does the course fee include the examination fee as well?
Yes, Only few courses course fees are included and rest of the courses course fees are not included.

Are the certification exams papers based or online?
Both actually. It depends on the type of certification. For most courses, both options are available

Can I take the training now and give exam later point of the time?
Yes. It is up to you when you decide to give your exam. On a softer note, we encourage participant to complete his/her exam within one month of the training.

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For all the courses we offer, we provide a digital participation certificate by email. The soft copy of the certificate will be provided by the certification body.

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Either you can pick up from office by showing ID proof or Certificates are couriered to your address as registered in exam information sheet. It usually takes 7-10 working days to receive hard/soft copy certificates from Examination bodies : PMI, APMG-UK, AXELOS, etc.


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Yes, you can cancel your registration. We will provide you complete refund after deducting the administration fee. To know more please go through our refund policy & student service obligation

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    • Our Accredited Trainers/Consultants have vast Knowledge and Experience on Multiple frameworks.

What kind of learning/Training does BinaryClues provide?

BinaryClues, we offer instructor-led online live sessions and self paced online courses covering various categories.

Who are the trainers at BinaryClues?

  • We have pool trainers available with minimum 20 years of industry experience. Our Instructor led live online courses will be handled by industry professionals who are working in leading esteemed organizations and in their respective fields. These experts belong to various industries and are willing to share their experience with learners like you.
  • We have well versed partners with leading instructors, premium learning content houses, universities across the globe.

How are classes at BinaryClues organized?

Live instructor led Online courses are taught by live instructors on a specific day and time and with a set duration. Learners can take these courses through online video streaming from anywhere and users can live discuss with our trainers by speaking and sharing screen. Users can speak by using a microphone/Headphone.

What is the difference between Class room, pre-recorded video session and instructor-led Virtual online live classes?

  • Class room training will be delivered by our Trainer, physically at our prefixed time and training venue.
  • Instructor-led Virtual online live sessions are the ones in which there is a both ways of communication between the students and trainers. The trainers can easily engage, observe & track their learning progress. The students/participants also have the opportunity to ask any queries through various modes (speaking or emailing) from the esteemed trainer.

Can I take my training sessions irrespective of my location?

Yes indeed, you can take the training sessions irrespective of your location. Please make sure you adhere to the course perquisites.

Do you provide any Certification for live instructor led online courses? If yes, what is the Certification process?

In case of live instructor led online training, at the end of the course, the trainer will allot you a real -time project which helps you out to clear understanding of how to implement the real- time application. We will provide you with continuous support and assist you in completing the project work. On successful completion of the real-time project work, it will be reviewed by our trainer and you will be awarded a certificate with grade.
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