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By: Admin BinaryClues | October 11, 2016

We all know that best B2B USA database vendors are data.com, zoom info, hoovers, discoverOrg but there is an emerging player ie. BinaryClues.com. These traditional vendors are good and provide best of the services but they are real expensive and companies like start-ups or growing companies cannot afford to buy such expensive database contact list.

BinaryClues different payment plans help such organization buy the database in bulk even after their premium pricing. Value Prospect is also an upcoming organization in fulfilling the customer needs for quite many years and is also an emerging player in India but BinaryClues stands out from the competition as they are not only providing the contacts details like email and direct phone no. but als...

By: Admin BinaryClues | October 10, 2016

When you are looking for a B2B list vendors you have to make sure you find a vendor who is working on your parameter. There are many vendors who can do this, but very few follow the customer’s direction,

We at Binary Clues understand the customer needs and try to fulfill the requirement as per their demand and some of the tips we can share are as follows:

Data Protection Policy:

Data vendors should follow the data protection policy and data privacy policy and thus making the customers secure and tension free

Be Specific:

As a customer you need to specific and need to guide your vendor specifically about the data you are interested to buy from him. B’coz any wrong briefing can lead to bad quality data procurement from your vendor. The organizatio...

By: Admin BinaryClues | October 09, 2016

Many database vendors overpromise and over commit that ‘they would do this ‘or ‘they would do anything' for generating leads for their customers but even after all these pseudo promises, these vendors are not able to deliver any of the single promises they commit to their clients.

BinaryClues has been committing of only what they can do, they are the forerunner in providing the B2B database services to their clients

One of the customers even said that "I'm very happy with the BinaryClues services ,they have been able to give me the best of the decision maker's contact and helped me in generating the right leads from the database for my marketing campaigns. They not only provide contacts details but also provide the LinkedIn links for ...

By: Admin BinaryClues | October 08, 2016

I have used several of them in the past and some of them were good and some of them were bad but top 10 database provider accordingly for me would be:






Lead Genius





As per the survey for usage and feedback from different users they have suggested these top websites for top 10 database provider. You might get some bad contacts but even after that, the overall contacts shared by these organizations have the best of the contacts.

These organizations are selling database on premium pricing and customers are ready to pay premium pricing for the best of the contacts. They have become best due to the following reasons:

·  Constant update in their database.

·  Dat...

By: Admin BinaryClues | October 07, 2016

Many organizations are scouting thousands of hours in finding the right vendor for their database needs. But in vain they waste their time and even after the selection of the database vendor they waste their money in getting the wrong contact database for their marketing & sales campaigns.

BinaryClues a pioneer in database industry have come a long way and moving very fast in acquiring customers from big existing players, like hoovers, discoverorg, data.com, ZoomInfo. People have moved from these traditional players to players like BinaryClues and Value prospect for finding the right contact database.

·  BinaryClues Analytics and predictive features are the buzz features and have been helping clients to understand which customers have t...

By: Admin BinaryClues | October 06, 2016

Many of the organizations believe that they are doing a good job with their email marketing campaigns but in reality, most of the organization does not realize how unsuccessful they are in running those campaigns. With the ROI calculation organizations realize that they have not met the target of their campaigns. But BinaryClues now have been helping organizations run successful campaigns.

With their Email marketing services they are helping organizations run successful campaigns and some the tips and tricks shared by the BinaryClues consultants are as follows:

·  You need to have the right segmented data of your customers before running campaign

·  Make sure you are targeting the right personas in your target list

·  Build the right cohort...

By: Admin BinaryClues | October 05, 2016

A lot of company have been working hard to find the right contact details for their businesses but all their efforts go in vain when they spend a lot of time and by the end, they are not able to find the details because it is the time-consuming process which doesn't result in effective results.

BinaryClues has been a pioneer in providing right B2B contact details in USA for a long time and helps an organization save a lot of time by providing the coordinates to its client.

BinaryClues internally has been producing database using their in-house developed tools. They know the best contacts of each company and decision makers and influencers. Many companies across the globe have been selling database but their authenticity cannot be guar...

By: Admin BinaryClues | October 04, 2016

Many organizations will give you the best of the contacts which can be your prospect but do not provide the Linkedin links for those contacts purchased. BinaryClues in the key player who also provides the Linkedin link for its contacts sold to its customers.

The package of B2B database comes with a Linkedin link for the purchased contact which actually adds value and authenticity and reality of the database purchased from BinaryClues.

They have instrumental in providing the right contact details as per the customer needs and requirement. Their consulting services help you choose the right database for your email marketing and Inside Sales campaign. Their constant effort for updating the contact has been giving an edge to organizations to bu...

By: Admin BinaryClues | October 03, 2016

There are multiple vendors like DiscoverOrg, Hoovers, and data.com who have the major pie of the market for selling the contacts databases. But a new emerging player like BinaryClues.com has been very instrumental in providing the right contacts US B2B database to its clients, their approach has been customer centric and because of which they have given stiff competition to the above players.

Their database is authentic, accurate, in-house developed and with a lot of predictive analytics capabilities. These features make them stand out and in fact, their database quality is very superior in comparison to Hoovers and data.com.

BinaryClues vision of customer satisfaction has been its success factors that within the short span of time they hav...

By: Admin BinaryClues | September 30, 2016

Most of the organization sellers are active on social media to connect with people on Linkedin or twitter and gauge their interest areas through the comments and post. This is a very good and effective method but is very time-consuming, no organizations have so patience to deal and wait for the conversation to start and mince a lead from the conversation.

BinaryClues a leading US & APAC B2B database provider to midmarket and enterprise. BinaryClues has emerged as a deal-maker for providing contacts with validated emails and telemarketing contacts with Linkedin URL.

Marketing is no longer a support function in organizations, they are considered utmost important as other functions like sales and help organizations attain growth and focus...

By: Admin BinaryClues | September 29, 2016

A lot of organizations these days are feeling the heat of managing and acquiring the right database for their marketing and sales programs. There are lots of promises which are made by large players in the database vendor community but none of them keep their promises in providing the right contacts.

Even though if companies like Discoverorg, hoovers, data.com give their best of the database but they charge very premium fees for their database or other services. BinaryClues gives customers a new opportunity to try their services and offerings which again help them spend for a better pricing and giving ROI to their customers.

BinaryClues is a premium B2B database company which works across many organizations from startups to growing organiz...

By: Admin BinaryClues | September 28, 2016

Organizations have estimated their 34% data is wrong as per research by the consultancy. Updating the old data and feeding in the new data every data is a very labor intensive and technology intensive job. Organizations spend millions of dollars a year just to keep their customers data updated and for these, they buy marketing automation tools which help them check the authenticity of their data.

BinaryClues free you from all the worries of managing your data. Their in-house team every month updates the data and provide that data to their existing and new customers and make them happy with the good quality of their data services.

BinaryClues Algorithms:

Not only, they provide US B2B contact details but also provide the decision maker contac...

By: Admin BinaryClues | September 27, 2016

As per Experian research, average company loses 12% of revenue due to bad data. Are you the only one? The answer is ‘No'. It is most of the organizations that are losing revenue due to bad data.

Companies are spending lot of their time and energy in running their marketing campaigns on the bad sets and thus losing on the revenue. Even the most effective campaigns become a failure even after doing the right targeting; they fail because they do not have the right contacts details of the people and thus reducing the successful campaigns to a merely failed campaign.

BinaryClues not only helps you to focus on building your pipeline but also provide you best of the Fortune 1000 companies (US) B2B database to target your customers effectively and...

By: Admin BinaryClues | September 26, 2016

As per one of the reports from Gartner, sales person spend less than 35% time on selling. Are you also one of those sellers part of such community.

The reason why sellers spend so less time on selling is because they spend most of their time on research to find the right contact details for their prospect customers, in doing so they end up finding suspect customers details.

BinaryClues helps you find the right data and contact details for your customers, thus helping you save time and gives you ample amount of time to focus on your prospect customers. These days most of the organizations are facing this issue of finding the good contacts of their Tele calling teams.

2/3rd time of sellers is wasted because of the bad contacts, companies are ...


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