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By: Admin BinaryClues | October 21, 2019

Over the last few years, business marketing strategies have changed quite a bit. With almost every individual active on the internet, the focus is gradually shifting towards online marketing instead of conventional techniques. More and more companies are opting for email marketing, online targeted campaigns, and even direct promotional strategies. To cater to all these requirements, you need a reliable option of B2B database providers in India. Luckily, Binary Clues is one of the most trusted and result oriented database providers in India with a large number of database options ranging from an email list to full-fledged contact details.

Qualities of a good B2B Database Provider in India

If you are looking for the perfect options for your...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | October 24, 2018

Facebook offers are a really good way to command the audience’s attention. It works similarly to the way Google Offers extension works and lets you undividedly promote a deal to other users. You can opt for a giveaway in the form of an ebook or whitepaper – in exchange for an email address which you can add to your ever increasing email address list. Try inviting a smaller audience first, then throw a larger net to catch a larger audience.


1.  Develop a mobile app and promote it over facebook, as most facebook activities are run on mobile devices. With the surge in usage of mobile devices and the convenience it offers, us it to create a brilliant impression of your brand in facebook.

2.  Use Clicks to Website: You can c...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | September 28, 2018

Digital Marketing is a joint expression for all online marketing activities that are performed using platforms like Google search, social media, email, SEO, Adwords, website, content which help in easy connection and communication with the current and prospective customers.


In this age of digital media, people spend more time exploring online than with their friends/family, so the prospect of you marketing online is only more constructive than marketing it offline. This is what digital marketing is all about.


There are many effective tactics of digital marketing, which include:


1. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: It is the action of optimizing your website to rank higher in ‘Google search results’. What it does is rocket th...

By: Admin BinaryClues | September 25, 2018

As a marketer, you always think as to how to keep your marketing costs low and still get the desired results. However it’s quite tough to manage that and to deliver the goods, you need to shed some weight from your pocket. Over the years, as a professional marketer, I have seen many peaks and valleys and can list down some low-cost techniques to market your offerings:

Professional Guidance can help you secure quality leads easily within an affordable pricing. There are many professional database companies you can reach out to but from my experience, I would suggest binaryclues.com because it has helped me save my bacon on multiple occasions over the years and that is why I can ask you to count on it. Many others are there but not as efficien...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | September 17, 2018

Resulting from my years of experience as a professional marketer, I can suggest the following methods for generating plenty of high-quality leads:

#1. CUSTOMER REFERRALS: There is nothing better than getting a sales lead from a happy customer. An existing and old customer will know what you are offering and probably has a good idea of what the referred prospect is looking for.
You have to offer them great service and provide them with an added incentive to come back, such as discount on their next 2 buys. Similarly, ask them to refer their friends, family, colleagues by including a friends and family coupon with their order.

#2. Take the help of PROFESSIONAL GUIDANCE which can help you maximize the lead count for your business. There are ...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | September 15, 2018

Branding is utmost crucial if you want your business to prosper in the long run. It creates a very proper image of the offering in people’s minds and people can connect to it whenever the need for it pops up.

A brand is very powerful and has the innate ability to create an ingrained impression in the consumer’s mind. However, it also has the capacity to damage the good image of an offering, if not done with a lot of careful research and reasoning.

You can set up your own business arrangements by creating a brand beforehand or even along with the process. It majorly requires you to perform the following:

1.  It is extremely essential to run a research on your target audience and your competitors.

2.  You have to fix your mind on...

By: Admin BinaryClues | September 14, 2018

Facebook is an effective and rich network that allows you strong connection with prospects and customers. In other words, actual people. And Facebook is a busy place. It is more populated than any country in the world, maybe even China and India. According to Facebook, its citizens are highly active, visiting the site an average of 40 times per month for an average of 23 minutes per visit. 

For many B2B companies, facebook is a savior of sorts. Here are some great ways to use it to increase engagement and generate leads:

1.  Secure as many likes as possible: It's highly critical to get your potential leads to like your page before you can fully find the engagement. In all probability, less than 1 percent of your Facebook fans...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | September 13, 2018

There are many email service providers who are well-known for providing high quality email services and as a professional marketer with 15 years of experience, I can list down the top ones for you, which have helped me save my bacon for almost my entire marketing career.

# BinaryClues.com is a fast advancing server which has helped me execute my marketing campaigns very effectively and has done it more efficiently than the others and more importantly it has helped me save cost. Its powerful database of the top-notch decision makers across all verticals of business makes it a potent force in the market of lead generation.

# SendGrid is another service provider which promises an authentic domain, compliance and deliverability coaching, and ...

By: Admin BinaryClues | September 12, 2018

Google Ads is a popular and effective online advertising service developed by Google to support marketers to reach their customers instantly and without much hassle. In simple language, when someone searches on Google for a particular term, say ‘travel packages from Mumbai to Switzerland’, Google would throw a list of searches for you. But only if you observe closely, you will notice that the top and the bottom results are generally ads.

Question is: How does Google know which ads to display?

Google Ads

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By: Admin BinaryClues | September 11, 2018

Using FULL-TIME PROFESSIONAL GUIDANCE can help you make the best use of the leads sourced for your business. You will find a lot of professional database companies you can refer to. However, as a personal advice, I would tell you to go for BinaryClues.com because it has helped me save my bacon on multiple occasions over the years and that is why I can vouch for it. A few good ones are there but not as effective as  BinaryClues.com when it comes to getting the right leads.

CONTENT CREATION is one of the most effective techniques for a successful digital marketing strategy. In the year 2011, a research run by the Custom Content Council claimed that more than 70 percent of users wished to get their information from articles rather than fro...

By: Admin BinaryClues | September 10, 2018

#1. Fetch is quite a renowned and an award-winning global mobile marketing agency. Founded in 2009, it focusses on three key industry areas: retail, gaming, and travel and Fetch’s work for Expedia and Ebay has received many great reviews and rewards. In the year 2014, Fetch was speedily growing and became the fastest-growing mobile marketing agency in Europe and also listed in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 as ‘One to Watch’.

#2. BinaryClues.com is a very trusted company when it comes to digital marketing/SEO campaigns as they have an expert team of Digital/SEO marketers and has designed some excellent DM strategies over the years to help companies build a strong online presence. A new technique called Page Speed Optimization Analysis has b...

By: Admin BinaryClues | December 06, 2016

The answer is there is not one, two or three best lead generation tools but there are several of them in the market. We as a customer have to pay a very due diligence in making sure that we select the best lead generation tools on the following criteria:

  Are they going to meet my lead generation targets?

  Would I get the right ROI?

  I’m going to have run marketing campaigns or email marketing campaigns with good conversion ratio?

I think answering these question would help us choose the best lead generation company and some of the best lead generation companies as per my experience are as follows:





BinaryClues - Email Marketing Platform


Linkedin Sales Navigator

Rain King

You can also vis...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | November 29, 2016

In India there are many service providers who can serve your need of bulk email marketing.

They ESP will help you achieve great email delivery rates through multiple SMTP gateways of your choice, like Mandrill, SendGrid, Sparkpost, Leadersend, Dyn, Elasticemail, MailGun, SendinBlue, MailJet, TipiMail and MailerQ.

While using through BinaryClues, you can send emails as cheap as $22 for 50,000 emails. That's a great price anyone can't provide with assurance.

A detailed comparative chart is also given below:


You can also find some of the useful blogs at:

  The real best practices for email marketing comes from my failures. Do you want to know..

  How do I design a great email marketing campaign for a B2B SaaS?


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By: Admin BinaryClues | November 10, 2016

You can try the options given below. The chart will help you make a conclusion which email m  arketing software company you want to choose.

All though they are numerous companies but you can try any of these above companies. I found this chart very interesting and BinaryClues and Easy Sendy Pro are the best ones in my opinion.

In your pay as you go model also you can decide how many min. email you want to send to your customers? As this will not help you save cost even buying a services for sending min. no. of email database like from Mailchimp would be costlier to you in comparison to buying a bulk package from BinaryClues.(See report)

Thus, I would recommend you to go for a Bulk email package as any how these are cheaper and will cos...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | November 10, 2016

There is one solution to this question even if you do not have a opt-in list but all emails are correct and doesn’t have any bounce then Binaryclues.com can help you in promoting your business.

Unlike other vendors b’coz of their stringent policy they donot provide you sending the list of non opt - ins. BinaryClues uses different and rotational IPs to send your emails so that it is delivered to your customers prospect inbox.

They are also provide many servers support to send in your email marketing campaign. Please also find a comparative chart below which is available on internet and will help you decide & choose the best and economic platform for your bulk emailing needs.


For more information, please send your query at info@binaryclue...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | November 10, 2016

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By: Admin BinaryClues | October 28, 2016

Organizations are experiencing unprecedented digital change that is driving the progression of business. Responsive digital competitors are establishing footholds in long-established markets overnight. In addition, technology forces are creating new customer experiences and disrupting traditional operating framework. The velocity of taking up digital is now a critical factor to survival.

Digital invention wants companies from all industries to evaluate their industry, operations, and know-how policy whilst making an intellectual change across the C-suite to embrace experimentation and iteration. The line of attack Consulting is at the front position of using digital invention techniques and can tip you in creating a holistic digital strateg...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | October 27, 2016

Today’s customers are more mobile, more conversant, more challenging and less trustworthy. To meet the ever-expanding outlook of customers, marketers need to be more responsive. The association between a company and its customers begins well before the first sale. Companies need to connect soon-to-be customers when they’re still researching their options, and prove that they can provide the personalized products and services that customers want and understand the buyer journey.

The buyer journey is not an administrative process, but a cognitive one. The buyer moves from being complacent to troubled, then becomes clear about needs and viable options, before deciding on preferences and opening the way for an acceptable contract.

Would like to...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | October 26, 2016

The best analogy I can come up with is that traditional marketers looking to garner interest from new potential customers are like lions hunting in the jungle for elephants. The elephants used to be in the jungle in the '80s and '90s when they learned their trade, but they don't seem to be there anymore. They have all migrated to the watering holes on the savannah (the internet). So, rather than continuing to hunt in the jungle, I recommend setting up shop at the watering hole (internet) or turning our website into its own watering hole and there by generating leads for your business.

There are many Best B2B companies in India Like




But the ones providing the below details are the best ones. So,...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | October 25, 2016

When I chat with most of the marketers today about how they generate leads for their businesses and fill the top of their sales funnel, most say trade shows, seminar series, email blasts to purchased lists, internal cold calling, outsourced telemarketing, and advertising, etc.. I call all these methods as strategy of "outbound marketing" where a marketer pushes his message out far and wide hoping that it resonates with that needle in the haystack.

I think outbound marketing techniques are getting less and less effective over time for two reasons. First, our average human being today is inundated with over 100 outbound marketing interruptions per day and is also figuring out more and more creative ways to block them out, including ...

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